Why do I want to go to graduate school?

Why do I want to go to graduate school?

Grad school can help gain the skills and knowledge to you do your best work and better position you for more opportunities for advancement in your career. A graduate degree may also be a clincher in a negotiated pay raise.

How do I apply for a good graduate school?

Here are three grad school application tips for getting stellar recommendations:Choose Recommenders Who Know You Well. Ask for Strong Recommendations. Request Well in Advance. Set a Score Goal. Take the Test Early. Request All Necessary Transcripts. Request Transcripts in Advance. Decide on a Resume or CV.

How competitive are graduate programs?

Graduate programs are very competitive: Graduate programs give you a great headstart in your career, but this means that they attract large numbers of applicants. You will usually need to meet a minimum grade-point average (GPA) requirement, attend an interview and supply references.

What are the best master’s degrees to get?

The Top 8 Highest-Paying Master’s DegreesMaster of Business Administration (MBA)Master of Science in Nursing.Master of Engineering Management.Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering.Master of Science in Finance.Master of Arts in Political Science.Master of Science in Computer Science.