Why did Lorne leave Mood Media?

Why did Lorne leave Mood Media?

Mood Media said its Chairman and CEO Lorne Abony is stepping down from both positions to pursue other opportunities. Philippe von Stauffenberg, non-executive Vice Chairman of the Board since July 2010, has been elected Chairman, also effective immediately.

What is Lorne Abony doing now?

Mr. Abony currently serves as the Executive Chairman of investee company Vemo Education, an EdTech company focused on collaborating with higher education institutions to develop and implement alternatives to traditional debt-dependent student financing options. He is also the Executive Chairman of Schoold.

Who is CEO of Mood Media?

Malcolm Mcroberts
Mood Media/CEO
Mood Media Corporation has expanded its product offerings through acquisitions of Somerset Entertainment in Canada, BIS Group in Europe, and Trusonic, AEI Music Network Inc., Muzak, DMX, Technomedia, and GoConvergence in the United States. Malcolm McRoberts is the CEO of Mood Media Corporation.

How much is Mood Media worth?

Mood Media currently has a market cap value of approximately $176 million.

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How many employees does Mood Media have?

2,000 employees
How many Employees does Mood Media have? Mood Media has 2,000 employees.

Who bought Mood Media?

Vector Capital
SAN FRANCISCO – January 7, 2021 — Vector Capital, a leading private equity firm specializing in transformational investments in established technology businesses, today announced the successful completion of its acquisition of Mood Media, the world’s leading in-store media solutions company dedicated to elevating the …

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Why do they say Muzak?

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How to contact the Mood Media Support Center?

Existing clients may also dial 800 331.3340 or visit the Mood Client Hub for assistance. View Our Support Hours Existing Mood client? Get help, pay your bill or update your account. Please be advised that we are currently experiencing higher call volume, and hold times may be extended.

What does Mood Media do for your business?

On-premise Media Solutions to help you connect with your customers, enhance your brand image and grow your business. Discover the possibilities. Connect, Engage & Sell More with Digital Signage Solutions.

How to elevate the customer experience with Mood Media?

Create and control your Customer Experience in Harmony. Connect, engage, sell more. Digital Signage, Menu Boards, Video Walls, TV. Tap into emotion. Capture your brand voice. Music, On-hold and In-store Messaging. Create a more memorable experience.

Who is the former CEO of Mood Media?

Abony is the former CEO of Mood Media Corporation, a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange.