Why are you interested in an internship?

Why are you interested in an internship?

It exposes you to real-world experience Internships offer you a peek into the environment you wish to work in someday. As you intern for a company, you get hands-on experience of how things work in an office environment. Also, you get an idea of what job role you would like to choose when you join a full-time job.

Why do you want to intern with us answer?

Be enthusiastic about the company and role. Demonstrate that you’re knowledgeable. To do this, share something unique you know about the company or an anecdote that encapsulates why this is your dream role. Prove your value by explaining why your skills or experiences make you a perfect fit for the role.

How do you write a work goal?

Let’s take a look behind the acronym.Specific. You need to be specific. Measurable. Imagine you are playing a game and it doesn’t show a score or progress indication as you go along. Attainable. Stretch goals can be motivating, but if they are too much of a stretch they won’t be achieved. Relevant. Time-bound.

How do you write a good performance goal?

Goals should be written so they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (SMART). This format provides clear communication between employees and supervisors/mangers.

What are some good development goals for work?

Examples of career development goalsComplete a professional certificate or degree. Learn how other departments function. Ask for feedback. Improve performance metrics. Apply for a promotion. Enhance your networking skills. Develop your communication skills. Work well on a team.