Who won Game 4 in 2001 World Series?

Who won Game 4 in 2001 World Series?

Game 4

Team 1 R
Arizona 0 3
New York 0 4
WP: Mariano Rivera (1–0) LP: Byung-hyun Kim (0–1) Home runs: ARI: Mark Grace (1) NYY: Shane Spencer (1), Tino Martinez (1), Derek Jeter (1)

Who was the MVP of the 2001 World Series?

Randy Johnson
Curt SchillingArizona
2001 World Series/MVPs

Who won Game 4 of the 2000 World Series?

The Yankees never lost the lead and Jeter extended his World Series hitting streak to thirteen games as the Bronx Bombers pitched and slugged their way to some World Series revenge….October 25, 2000.

Name Edgardo Alfonzo
AB 3
R 0
H 0

What year did Diamondbacks win the World Series?

20014-3 – New York Yankees
Arizona Diamondbacks/World Series championships

Did Randy Johnson win a World Series?

Johnson was named one of two (along with Curt Schilling) World Series Most Valuable Players in 2001, with three pitching victories, leading the Diamondbacks to a World Series championship over the New York Yankees in Arizona’s fourth season. He won the pitching Triple Crown in 2002….

Randy Johnson
Strikeouts 4,875

What baseball team won the World Series in 2001?

Arizona Diamondbacks
2001 World Series/Champion

What player has the most World Series Mvps?

Bobby Richardson
Bobby Richardson (1960 World Series) is the only receipient who has won the World Series Most Valuable Player Award while playing on the losing team.

How many games did the 2000 World Series go?

The Yankees defeated the Mets, four games to one, to win their third consecutive championship and 26th overall.

Who does Randy Johnson pitch for?

the Arizona Diamondbacks
Randy Johnson pitching for the Arizona Diamondbacks. After pitching for two seasons with the New York Yankees, Johnson was traded in 2007 to Arizona for a second stint with the Diamondbacks.

How did the New York Yankees win the 2001 World Series?

The Yankees then defeated the Oakland Athletics 3 games to 2 in the AL Division Series, and the Seattle Mariners 4 games to 1 in the AL Championship Series to advance to their fourth consecutive World Series, and fifth in six years. Derek Jeter and Tino Martinez led the Yankees offensively during the 2001 season.

Who was the winner of Game 3 of the 2001 World Series?

Craig Counsell hit a three-run home run late in Game 3 to give the Diamondbacks a 2–1 series lead, but the Cardinals won Game 4 with strong pitching performances from Bud Smith and their relief pitchers. The Diamondbacks clinched the series in Game 5, when Tony Womack hit a game winning single that scored Danny Bautista.

How did the Cardinals win the 2001 World Series?

Schilling threw a shutout in Game 1 to give the Diamondbacks an early series lead, but the Cardinals won Game 2 thanks to a two-run home run from Albert Pujols.

Who was the most valuable player in the 2001 World Series?

Diamondbacks pitchers Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling were both named World Series Most Valuable Players. The Yankees advanced to the World Series by defeating the Oakland Athletics, three games to two, in the AL Division Series, and then the Seattle Mariners in the AL Championship Series, four games to one.