Who played on Tupelo Honey?

Who played on Tupelo Honey?

The title derives from an expensive, mild-tasting tupelo honey produced in the southeastern United States. Released as a single in 1972, it reached number 47 on the U.S. pop chart….Tupelo Honey (song)

“Tupelo Honey”
Label Warner Bros.
Songwriter(s) Van Morrison
Producer(s) Van Morrison, Ted Templeman
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How did Van Morrison know about Tupelo Honey?

Songfacts®: “Tupelo Honey” is an unreserved typically mystic take on the domestic happiness Morrison had found since he’d married his wife Janet. They’d met during his time with the Irish R&B band Them.

Is Tupelo Honey about Elvis?

Griel Marcus of Rolling Stone Magazine said of the title track, it was “a kind of odyssey” evoking Elvis Presley (whose hometown was Tupelo, Mississippi), and “the most gorgeous number on the album” that “was too good not to be true.” The title derives from an expensive, mild-tasting tupelo honey produced in the …

When did Van Morrison record Tupelo Honey?

LP 180 Gram Vinyl of Tupelo Honey, an album by Northern Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison, released in 1971. The hymn-like title track has been an enduring hit, as well as the other single released from the album, “Wild Night”.

Why is Tupelo Honey so expensive?

Fine Tupelo is more expensive because it cost more to produce this excellent specialty honey. To gain access to the river locations where the honey is produced requires expensive labor and equipment.

What does tupelo honey taste like?

Pure tupelo honey is light amber in color; some note a green cast. It has a pear-like and hoppy aroma and a coveted flavor that fans describe as mild, delicate, buttery, floral, like cotton candy and rosewater. Because of its unusually high fructose content (versus sucrose), tupelo honey will not granulate.

Is Tupelo Honey healthy?

Nutrition Facts Honey in its natural state is a health food. Tupelo honey is made primarily of fructose sugar which has been called the queen of sugars. The reason being, is that it is the easiest sugar for the body to use or absorb. It does not tax the body or its digestive system like white cane or granulated sugar.

Who wrote song Tupelo Honey?

Van Morrison
Tupelo Honey/Lyricists

Why do they call it tupelo honey?

The short answer is that tupelo honey comes from the tupelo tree, not from the city where Elvis was born. (The city was named after the tupelo trees that grew there.)

Is Tupelo Honey rare?

Although the Tupelo tree does grow outside these two regions, the Southern Cypress swamp is the only ecosystem that supports large stands of these trees. As a result, 100% pure raw Tupelo honey is very rare. Not only is Tupelo honey rare but it has a great narrative packed full of celebrity and lore.