Who painted blue boy and pink girl?

Who painted blue boy and pink girl?

Thomas Lawrence
Pinkie is the traditional title for a portrait made in 1794 by Thomas Lawrence in the permanent collection of the Huntington Library at San Marino, California where it hangs opposite The Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough.

How much is The Blue Boy painting worth?

According to a mention in The New York Times dated 11 November 1921, the purchase price was $640,000, which would be $9.29 million in 2020.

What is Pinkie and Blue Boy worth?

Henry Huntington bought the paintings in the 1920’s. “The Blue Boy” was bought for a record breaking price at the time, and while the price is debated, it was probably $640,000. Today that would be over $8.5 million. “Pinkie” was one of the last purchases made by Henry Huntington before his death.

Who is The Blue Boy in the painting?

Thomas Gainsborough’s (1727–1788) iconic painting first appeared in public in the Royal Academy exhibition of 1770 as A Portrait of a Young Gentleman, where it received high acclaim, and by 1798 it was being called “The Blue Boy”—a nickname that stuck.

What is the story behind Blue Boy and Pinkie?

Pinkie owes part of its notability to its association with the Gainsborough portrait The Blue Boy. Jonathan Buttall, who posed for Gainsborough’s portrait, wears a period costume of the early 17th century as an homage to Flemish Baroque painter Anthony van Dyck, whom Gainsborough held in particular esteem.

Who owns Gainsborough’s Blue Boy?

Henry E Huntington
Once owned by the Duke of Westminster, it was purchased by the American railway magnate Henry E Huntington a century ago for a then world record price of $728,000. Since then it has been a star exhibit at the Huntington Art Gallery in San Marino, California, never loaned and never likely to be loaned again.

Why is Blue Boy so popular?

It’s famous for being famous, and because of a shrewd marketer. At first, artist Thomas Gainsborough’s masterwork didn’t garner the attention it later received, at least not among the public. The painting debuted in 1770 at London’s Royal Academy of Arts, just two years after the institution was founded.

Why is The Blue Boy so famous?

As I’ve written elsewhere, the “Blue Boy” probably shot to world fame from the simple fact that, in 1921, it earned headlines as the most expensive painting ever sold—just as the once-unknown Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, by Gustav Klimt, also became famous after it set the same record in 2006.

What does pinky mean in slang?

little finger
Hello everybody! Our #slang term of the day is ”Pinky“ (or “pinkie”), which means “little finger”.

When was the Blue Boy and Pinkie painted?

“Pinkie” was the last painting purchased by Huntington in the late 1920s for an undisclosed price. Both portraits hang close to each other in The Huntington Library in San Marino, Calif. “The Blue Boy” was painted by Thomas Gainsborough in 1770.

Who is the girl in the Blue Boy painting?

The girl in the painting is Sarah Barrett Moulton. In her family, her nickname was “Pinkie” or “Pinkey”. She was just 11 years old when the painting was made. It was by her Grandmother’s request that the painting was commissioned.

Where was the Pink Boy by Thomas Gainsborough painted?

Pink Boy (1770s?) The boy was Master Nichols. The painting be seen at Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire (England). Details on the painting of “Blue Boy” are well known. HBC has been unable to find out much about “Pink Boy”. Also unclear is to the extent pink was popular in either the period depicted or the period in which Gainsborough paintedit.

Who is the famous portratist Blue Boy or pink boy?

Sir Thomas Gainsborough is perhaps the most renounded English portratists. Two of his most famous portraits deal with boys in colored costumes. The most famous is “Blue Boy”. For some reason “Pink Boy” is less well known. “Blue Boy” has been endlessly reproduced, but not “Pink Boy”, I am not sure why.