Who owns ChenMed?

Who owns ChenMed?

Dr. James Chen
Dr. James Chen is the founder of ChenMed, a physician-led primary care practice whose goal is to deliver affordable care and superior experience to seniors across the United States. He also serves as chairman of the ChenMed board of directors.

How many employees does ChenMed have?

This report highlights the important work the more than 3,300 of us do each day to improve the lives of seniors through better healthcare. Our mission, our values, our commitment to social justice remain unwavering as we continue to transform the healthcare industry.

What does ChenMed do?

About ChenMed ChenMed is a health care provider that was founded to bring concierge-style medicine — and better health outcomes — to the neediest populations. ChenMed serves seniors with low-to-moderate incomes, most managing multiple chronic conditions, in nine U.S. markets through its 39 senior medical centers.

Where is Chen Medical Office?

Miami, FL
ChenMed LLC/Headquarters locations

Who are ChenMed competitors?

Top Competitors of ChenMed

  • One Medical. 1,700.
  • CapitalCare Medical Group. 697. –
  • Martin’s Point Health Care. 951. $139 Million.
  • Hattiesburg Clinic. 2,600. –
  • ZoomCare. 500. –
  • AdvantageCare Physicians. 791. $216 Million.
  • Cano Health. 1,232. –
  • Coordinated Health. 1,400. $205 Million.

How much is Chen Medical worth?

Chenmed Fast Facts Chenmed’s annual revenues are over $500 million (see exact revenue data) and has over 1,000 employees. It is classified as operating in the Physicians, Mental Health Specialists industry.

How much is ChenMed worth?

Who owns Chen Medical Center?

Jen-Ling James Chen
Jen-Ling James Chen, Chen Medical founder, was diagnosed with cancer and given two months to live. He and his family experienced firsthand the frustrations of navigating the healthcare system where profits, not patients, are the focus.

Is Chen Med for profit?

How big is Chenmed?

With 80 centers in 12 states, our privately held, physician-led company is featured in Fortune’s 2020 “Change The World” list and just named a “Great Places To Work” and “Most Loved Places to Work” 2021.

Who owns JenCare?

From father James Chen, our founder, to son Chris Chen, our CEO, the responsibility to family has been handed down, and that commitment has become the core principle that guides JenCare’s experienced team of executives.

Does Humana own JenCare?

Since 2011, when Humana joined forces to form JenCare, the Centers have shown remarkable growth and improved clinical outcomes for those with chronic conditions – the people who need it most.