Who is Naruto x Karin, narukari, fluff?

Who is Naruto x Karin, narukari, fluff?

Naruto x Karin, Narukari, fluff. The Kyuubi No Kitsune was given to the Land Of Whirlpools instead of Konoha. Follow Naruto, a child of Uzushiogakure whom is aspiring to be a shinobi of his mother’s caliber… Until one fateful night spins Naruto’s life out of control. MokutonNaruto!

What’s the name of Naruto’s twin sister?

Naruto has a twin sister, Naruko, they already tried suicide and many people tried to kill them.But two sannins go to Konoha to train them but they still had no childhood, and only love eachother. Will they learn to love or only love themselves? femnaru

What kind of mother is Kushina in Naruto?

Kushina is a normal mother of her not so normal son Naruto , he is mysterious to her , even his appearance is a secret . And what is with those glasses and masks on his face and why or who wears this also , find out. NaruKushi later pairing will be revealed.

Is there an Uzumaki FIC for Naruto?

An Uzumaki fic. [NaruTayu] Naruto wished he listened to the Paths and Rikudō when they told him not to enter the forest. Now he was stuck in another world, playing a twisted Game with a little girl. He sighed, “…what did I do to deserve this?”

Who is the eldest of Naruto’s children?

Rei is the eldest of two children of Shikaku Nara and Yoshino Nara. She grows to become quite the famous ninja, but she always sticks by her family and friends no matter… Naruto left Konoha years ago, and comes back years later. At first, people don’t recognize him, which pleases, yet disgusts Naruto. But then, Neji and Hinata come along…

Who is the eldest child of Fugaku and Mikoto?

It’s Umi, Umi Uchiha. Eldest Child of Fugaku and Mikoto, elder sister of Itachi and Sasuke. I don’t own Naruto just Umi.

Why was Naruto willing to kill his opponent?

An opponent who was willing to kill one of his peers, and would have, if nobody hadn’t stepped in time to stop it. This match also was something that could either inflate his ego, or be a massive blow to his pride. Naruto could not lose.