Who controlled Turkey during the 1500s and 1600s?

Who controlled Turkey during the 1500s and 1600s?

Ottoman Empire, empire created by Turkish tribes in Anatolia (Asia Minor) that grew to be one of the most powerful states in the world during the 15th and 16th centuries.

Who ruled Turkey in 12th century?

12th century

Year Event
1116 Mesut I (1116–1156) During the early years of his reign he has to accept the dominance of Danishmends a rival Turkish state in Anatolia.
1142 Mehmed of Danishmends dies and the Sultanate of Rum become the leading power of Anatolia for the second time.

What happened to Turkey 3000 years ago?

About 3,000 years ago the country now known as Turkey was divided into several kingdoms. Subsequently, both Asian and European Turkey were conquered by the Persians, who in turn were driven out by the Macedonian Alexander the Great in 333 B.C. After the death of Alexander several small kingdoms rose and fell in Turkey.

Why Turkey country is called Turkey?

The word “Turkey” has meant “the land of the Turks” since ancient times. The word “turkey” as it refers to the bird first appeared in the English language in the mid-1500s. So, the English thought of the bird as a “Turkish chicken.” When Europeans came to North America, they saw a bird that looked like the guinea fowl.

What is Turkey famous for history?

Turkey is located at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. This has made it an important land throughout world history. The city of Troy, made famous in Greek literature, was located on the Turkish coastline thousands of years ago. The first major empire to form in the land was the Hittite empire.

Are Turks Mongols?

History. The Mongols and Turks have developed a strong relationship. Both peoples were commonly nomadic peoples despite, and the cultural sprachbund evolved into a mixture of alliance and conflicts. The Xiongnu people were thought to be the ancestors of modern Turks.

Why did Kayakoy go to Fethiye, Turkey?

The loss of the First World War, the end of the Ottoman Empire and the attempted Greek occupation of the Anatolian region, all combined to force the decline of Kayakoy. Greek Christian citizens were forced to go to Fethiye harbour for deportation and Muslim Turks were expelled from Greece.

What was the history of the village of Kayakoy?

The village was thriving as a community. The twist and most important part of its history lie in the fact that within the village, Greeks and Turks lived side-by-side. The Greeks called the village Levissi while the Turks called it Kayakoy.

When did the history of Turkey begin and end?

Discover the part that it has played in the development of the world we live in today. The study of ancient human history often begins in the Paleolithic Age. Earlier, people were living in or were at least passing through the area that is now known as Turkey far before 60,000 BCE as well.

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