Where is the poison hitman Paris?

Where is the poison hitman Paris?

It can be found in many different places on the map (M3,3), for example in the catering room on floor 1 or in the southern part of the gardens. Once you get the poison, go towards the banquet room on floor 1 of the building (M3,20). Find a free position where Agent 47 can stand in the staff disguise (M3,4).

Where are explosives in Hitman Paris?

The Showstopper – Found in the palace attic security area. World of Tomorrow – Found behind the room containing the Ether Virus, next to two Biolab Security guards. A Gilded Cage – A total of 9 Remote Explosives can be acquired within this mission: Four on the east side of the School.

How do you get rid of Sato hitman?

Killing Sato The easy way to do this is to start the mission from the Main Entrance with no firearm and the Fiber Wire and Coins selected. Head over to the left side parking lot with the catering trucks and incap the Palace Staffer, then stow him in the dumpster and take his disguise.

Where is rat poison in Paris hitman?

The Showstopper/Holiday Hoarders – A total of six Rat Poisons can be found within these missions:

  • Two in the Kitchen.
  • One in the room east of Attic Storage.
  • One in CICADA Security Control.
  • One in a truck in the Fashion Show Unloading Area.
  • One in the shed in the Catering Delivery Area.

Where is the rat poison in Hitman yacht?

Go through the back left door of the cargo hold, just to the left of the stairs that lead to Deck 01 (you’re on Deck 00 right now). In this room you will find the Rat Poison that you need. Picking it up will earn you the Store Securely Feat if you don’t already have it.

What is a code 17 in Hitman?

Pacify Novikov’s personal bodyguard (who follows him around), and he should drop a phone. Pick up the phone, and call in the “Code 17” evacuation. Novikov and Margolis will be escorted to the south-westernmost room on the second floor.

How do I call Margolis hitman?

His phone will be left at the exact spot where you took him out so if you drag away his body, the phone will remain on the ground until picked up. You can interact with the phone while it is equipped from your inventory in order to place a call to Dalia Margolis.

Where is Max Decker?

Palais de Walewska
Decker is present at the outdoor bar in the Palais de Walewska, waiting for Novikov.

How do you poison Sebastian Sato?

Subdue the lone waiter inside the room and take his outfit as well as the rat poison in the shelve. Go to the Private Bar and pass the frisk. You’ll find Sato’s glass on the counter. Poison it, follow him to the restroom and drown him in the toilet.

Where is remote explosive hitman Marrakesh?

This is unlocked at Mastery Level 20 for The Showstopper mission in Paris. If you don’t have that and don’t feel like grinding it, remote explosives can be found in the school where you kill Reza Zaydan, although we haven’t tried putting them in the camera yet.