What was the population 1790?

What was the population 1790?

POP Culture: 1790

The 1790 Census 10 Largest Urban Places
U.S. Resident Population: 3,929,214 Population
Population per square mile of land area: 4.5 33,131
Percent increase of population: n/a 28,522
Official Enumeration Date: August 2 18,320

Did the Native Americans count in the 1790 census?

Prior to 1900, few Indians are included in the decennial federal census. Indians are not identified in the 1790-1840 censuses. Beginning with the 1900 census, Indians are enumerated on reservations as well as in the general population.

Who was counted in the 1790 census?

The first U.S. Census was conducted in 1790. The census categorized the population of the new nation according to liberty, sex, and age: free white males age 16 and older, free white males under age 16, free white females, all other free people, and slaves.

What was the Indian population in 1800?

approximately 169 million
In 1800, the population of the region of present-day India was approximately 169 million. The population would grow gradually throughout the 19th century, rising to over 240 million by 1900.

What is the census of Canada?

Canada’s Census Program provides a statistical portrait of the country every five years through the Census of Population and Census of Agriculture. The Census of Population provides demographic and social information vital for planning services including child care, schooling, family services and skills training for employment.

Who was responsible for the 1790 census?

Congress assigned responsibility for the 1790 census to the marshals of the U.S. judicial districts under an act which, with minor modifications and extensions, governed census taking through 1840.

When was the first census?

Census Day was August 2, 1790. The first census began more than a year after the inauguration of President Washington and shortly before the second session of the first Congress ended.

Where can I find historical US Census data on foreign born population?

Historical Census Statistics on the Foreign-Born Population of the United States: 1850 to 1990, by Campbell Gibson and Emily Lennon. U.S. Bureau of the Census, Population Division, Working Paper No. 29, 1999. Available also on the Census Bureau’s Internet site at www.census.gov/population/www/censusdata/hiscendata.html.