What is the cost of plasterboard?

What is the cost of plasterboard?

How Much Does Plasterboarding Cost? To give you an approximate guide to the costs involved, including material and labour costs, the cost per panel is around £4-5 when using good quality panels. So, on this basis a standard 12x12ft room would cost around £550.

Can you use Supaceil for walls?

When you just need some good, basic plasterboard for your walls or ceiling: Gyprock Supaceil is the first plasterboard in Australia to feature Optimised Core technology.

What is Supaceil plasterboard?

Supaceil is a 10mm premium quality plasterboard specifically designed for use on internal ceiling linings – predominantly in new homes and residential renovations applications. It is ideal for use in areas where no specific fire, acoustic or moisture resistant requirements are specified.

What is supercell from gyprock?

Gyprock Supaceil is typically used as a superior ceiling lining option in residential applications and can be used to span up to 600mm joist centres. This lightweight 10mm thick plasterboard features Optimised Core technology to provide significantly improved strength, handling and board performance.

What is plasterboard sealer?

Delivery exclusions apply. Wickes Plasterboard Sealer ensures an even finish when painting plasterboard. It equalises the suction across the joints ensuring there are no visible joint lines after decoration. The sealer can be applied by either roller or brush.

How much would it cost to drywall a room?

The cost to install drywall is about $2 per square foot. After material and labor are added in, the cost per panel ranges from $60 to $90. A typical 12 by 12 foot room, for example, will use 18 panels….Drywall Cost Per Square Foot.

Item Price Per Square Foot
Total $1.50 – $3

How far can Gyprock span?

A 10mm thick sheet designed to span up to 600mm in ceiling applications.

What is Gyprock plus?

Gyprock Plus is a premium, lightweight 10mm thick plasterboard with a thicker face paper that produces a crisper score and snap experience with cleaner cuts and squarer edges.

Can you use wall gyprock on ceiling?

What do I use for a ceiling? We recommend Gyprock Supaceil™ for all internal ceilings. The special formulation in Supaceil prevents ceiling sag and the board can be installed at up to 600mm centres.

Do I need to seal plasterboard?

As we have mentioned at the top of this guide plasterboard is extremely prous even more than bare plaster so before any finishing coats of paint can be applied it needs to be sealed using a mist coat so that any finishing coats bond correctly and don’t flake off.

What can I use to seal plaster?

There are two methods to sealing the new plaster. Firstly, you can use a mist coat of white watered down emulsion. However, it is more preferable to use a primer or top coat and water down the first layer by 10%. This allows the initial coat to properly soak into the plaster aiding adhesion of the final coat.