What is the best build for a mechromancer?

What is the best build for a mechromancer?

Gaige the Mechromancer Here are my two favorite builds for Gaige. The Lazy Build: This build focuses on giving Deathtrap the highest DPS (damage per second), making him (and you) a complete tank. DPS ANARCHY: The build for those who want to cause chaos and who don’t want the robot to do all the work.

How old is Gaige the Mechromancer?

18 year old
(Gaige, Releasing on October 16, With none others yet announced)Gaige is a 18 year old(confirmed by devs) highschool student who lives with her (supposedly divorced) father. She is extremely talented with machinery (or so it seems)and seems to believe in Anarchy.

Is mechromancer good for solo?

Gaige the Mechromancer: One of the better choices for solo play. The moment the player hits 5, they can tear through most of the game with no problem. It is recommended to give it a shot to see how the player fairs against enemies when playing as Krieg.

Is Catalyst A legendary?

Legendary Catalyst is a Legendary class mod for the Mechromancer manufactured by Maliwan. It is dropped by Tubby enemies at Level 62+ (Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode).

Where is the legendary mechromancer class mod?

The Legendary Mechromancer class mod is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from these Invincible bosses. Vermivorous can only spawn in True Vault Hunter Mode and Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.

What happened to Angel borderlands?

Once the Vault Hunters pass the three obstacles, she reveals her true form as a Siren, and her involvement in Jack’s plan. She asks the Vault Hunters to destroy the Eridium Injectors. However, destroying the Injectors would result in Angel’s death.

Who’s the best character in Borderlands 2?

Best Character For Solo Play in Borderlands 2

  • Maya the Siren: If the player focuses on leveling up the proper skill trees, Maya can be nearly impossible to beat for both normal enemies and giant bosses.
  • Axton the Commando: One of the more generic first-person shooter characters.

Is catalyst in Save the World?

At its heart, a catalyst is a way to save energy. And applying catalysts on a grand scale could save the world a lot of energy. Finding the perfect catalyst to disintegrate cellulose would make biofuels cheaper and more viable as a renewable energy source.

How old is catalyst skin?

Alter the paradigm. 👕 Catalyst skin is a Legendary Fortnite Outfit. Is Part of the Drift set. 📅 This character was added at Fortnite Battle Royale on 1 August 2019 (Chapter 1 Season 10 Patch 10.0).