What is QSM in Qoo10?

What is QSM in Qoo10?

– Qoo10 Sales Manager (QSM) helps you list items, check inventories and communicate with customers. …

Can I trust Qoo10?

reliable? Answer: Yes its reliable. All the albums that I buy from Qoo10 are reliable because they have connections with Korean companies and such.

Is selling on Qoo10 free?

No product listing fee is required while selling on Qoo10.

What is Qprime shipping?

Through Qprime, buyers can enjoy free shipping on checkouts over S$50, and a single flat shipping rate from S$3.99 onwards for checkouts below S$50. Sellers, on the other hand, will also be charged lower shipping fees for pick-up of Qprime parcels.

How do I complain to Qoo10?

Report infringement Seller/Item

  1. If you want to report for obscenity or violation to local regulations, use Security & Resolution Center. Go to Security & Resolution Center >>
  2. In case of cancel/refund, shipping or non-receipt claim inquiry, please use Help. Go to Help >>

How do I change my q10 address?

In order for you to change your account information, please sign in and click on ‘Personal info’ located at the My Qoo10 page. Please check your email and put the password again to confirm the safety. You can change your personal information such as password, ship-to address, contact number, e-mail address etc.

Do people still use Qoo10?

Before Lazada and Shopee, many Singaporeans were doing their online shopping on Qoo10, an e-commerce platform that once reigned supreme in Singapore….Facing the competition.

E-Commerce Site Year of Launch Monthly Web Visits (Q1 2021)
Qoo10 2010 4,290,000
Zalora 2013 873,100
Lazada 2014 7,296,700
Shopee 2015 12,013,300

How does carousell make money?

Carousell makes money from brands and sellers advertising on its platform as well as listing fees. Carousell operates on a marketplace business model in which it connects sellers with buyers. As the intermediary, it then takes care of the product recommendation as well as payment facilitation.

How can I become lazada seller?

How do I sign up to sell on Lazada?

  1. Go to Lazada website.
  2. Choose if you want to sign up as individual or corporate seller> Provide your mobile number> Slide to verify the number.
  3. Fill in Account Information > Review the contract then click the checkbox< Click Sign Up.