What is Dowex 50WX8?

What is Dowex 50WX8?

Dowex 50WX8 hydrogen form is used as stripper resin and can be regenerated by 0.25N sulphuric acid when exhausted. Dowex 50WX8 hydrogen form is used as catalyst. It is used in deionizing supernatant fraction samples for paper chromatography.

How does Dowex 50 work?

DOWEX fine mesh resins are produced by selectively controlling the suspension polymerization technology we use to produce our standard 16 – 50 mesh industrial resins. The resulting resins consist of whole, spherical beads that provide excellent kinetic and packing properties in chromatographic separations…

What is Dowex resin?

DOWEX* HCR resin is a high- capacity, gel-type, strong acid cation exchange resin with a polydispersed (normal) particle size distribution. It is based on a styrenedivinylbenzene (DVB) copolymer matrix with sulfonate functional groups.

How do you regenerate dowex resin?

To re-activate the resin, you need to displace (remove) the unwanted ion(s) and replace them with the desired ion. Washing w/ ethanol will not do this.

What is AmberLite resin?

AmberLite™ IRC120 Na Ion Exchange Resin is a Gaussian, Gel, Strong Acid Cation Exchange Resin for Industrial Softening Applications. It is a general-purpose softening resin with a long-established track record of reliable performance in the industry.

What purpose does the dowex serve?

Like other ion exchange technologies, DOWEX UPCORE™ removes scale-forming calcium or magnesium ions from raw water and other solutions.

What is exchange capacity of resin?

One important characteristic of ion exchange resin is its capacity, expressed in terms of milliequivalents of exchangeable ion per gram of resin. Exchange capacity can be measured by exchanging sodium ion (Na+) for. hydrogen form (H+ initially attached to the resin).

What is regeneration level of resin?

Regeneration is a process that takes ion exchange resin beads that are exhausted (fully loaded), and removes ions that have been picked up during the in-service cycle so the resin can continue to be used.

Can we reuse resin?

In general, yes, epoxy resin can be re-used. It’s supplied in two containers, you measure and mix only what you need, taking great care to avoid cross-contamination when handling the two parts.

What is XAD-7 resin?

XAD-7 is the only “moderately polar” XAD resin now available. It has been used to remove relatively polar compounds from non-aqueous solvents, and to remove non-aromatic compounds from polar solvents. It has been used for removal of organic pollutants form aqueous wastes, ground water and vapor streams.

Is it possible to reuse Dowex 50wx8?

DOWEX 50WX8 is a strong acid cation resin containing 8% DVB. DOWEX 1X4 is a Type I strong base anion resin containing 4% DVB. Yes, you can certainly re-use Dowex 50, as well as other ion exchange resins. This is good to know how to do, as resins are pretty expen$ive.

How big is a Dowex 50wx8 solid phase column?

The Dowex-50WX8 resin from the Sigma–Aldrich Co. (St. Louis, MO) was used as the adsorbent (solid phase), which has an average diameter of 112 μm. This adsorbent was packed into an omnifit chromatographic column, which was purchased from the Bio-Chem Fluidics Co. (Boonton, NJ). Columns with two different sizes were employed in the experiments.

What is the percentage of DVB in Dowex 50?

Under the Dow nomenclature, one of these three designations appears in conjunction with an “X” number describing the degree of resin crosslinkage (the X number is the percentage of divinylbenzene [DVB] in the resin copolymer). Therefore… DOWEX 50WX8 is a strong acid cation resin containing 8% DVB.

What is the Dowex 50wx8 chromatographic process used for?

The adsorbent used in the proposed chromatographic process was Dowex-50WX8. The removal of LA and 5-HMF from agarose hydrolysate was performed. The simultaneous recoveries of galactose, LA, and 5-HMF were also performed. High purities and high yields were obtained for galactose, LA, and 5-HMF.