What is distance piece in reciprocating compressor?

What is distance piece in reciprocating compressor?

A distance piece is a section of a gas compressor between the crankcase and the compressor cylinder which isolates the two areas from one another. This prevents oil from being transferred up the piston rod into the cylinder area of the compressor.

What is double acting reciprocating compressor?

A reciprocating air compressor that uses both sides of the piston to suck and compress the air is called a double-acting compressor. In simple words, the piston of a double-acting reciprocating compressor uses its both sides for air or gas suction and compression.

What is Rod packing?

Packing systems are used to maintain a tight seal around the piston rod, preventing the gas compressed to high pressure in the compressor cylinder from leaking, while allowing the rod to move freely. The number of cups and rings will vary depending on the compression chamber pressures.

Why clearance is provided in reciprocating compressor?

The clearance volume in a reciprocating compressor is provided to. create turbulence in the air to be delivered. accommodate valves in the cylinder head of the compressor. increase the volumetric efficiency of the compressor.

Which valve is used in reciprocating compressor?

Plate type or Reed type valves are used in reciprocating compressors. These valves are either floating or clamped, usually, backstops are provided to limit the valve displacement. Spring may be provided for smooth return after opening or closing. The piston speed is decided by valve type.

What is the difference between single acting and double-acting reciprocating pump?

Single-acting pumps discharge on either the forward or return stroke of the piston or plunger; every cycle of the pump displaces only one volume of liquid. In double-acting pumps, liquid is discharged on both the forward and return stroke of the piston.

What is two stage reciprocating air compressor?

A two-stage reciprocating air compressor in GA is ideal for most demanding industrial applications. Two stage air compressors: With two-stage air compressors, the air is compressed in two stages; in between the stages, the air is cooled. Stage 1: Air is compressed to medium level, which is the big cylinder/piston.

Why clearance volume is required?

Clearance volume or bumping clearance is the space between the top of the piston and the cylinder head of an air compressor. This clearance is an important aspect of the compressors and should be as less as practically possible to improve the volumetric efficiency of the compressor.

Why is the clearance volume important?

Clearance volume used to find the compression ratio, volumetric efficiency which affects the efficiency of an engine. If clearance will be less it will bang the piston, If clearance is more it will pull off the air during suction stroke which creates problems in compression.