What is Dana Barros doing now?

What is Dana Barros doing now?

Post-basketball Life For two months in 2006, Barros worked as an assistant coach for the Northeastern University men’s basketball team, a position from which he resigned in June 2006 to accept a role as the Director of Recreation for the city of Boston. Barros is now with the media relations department for the Celtics.

What nationality is Dana Barros?

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What high school did Dana Barros go to?

Xaverian Brothers High School
Boston College
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Where was Dana Barros born?

Boston, MA
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How tall is Barros?

5′ 11″
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What teams did Dana Barros play for?

Boston Celtics2003 – 2004, 1995 – 2000
Detroit Pistons2000 – 2002Philadelphia 76ers1993 – 1995Oklahoma City Thunder1989 – 1993
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Who did Dana Barros play for?

How old is Dana Barros?

Dana Bruce Barros (born April 13, 1967) is an American retired professional basketball player from the National Basketball Association (NBA).

What is Dana Barros basketball complex?

The Dana Barros Basketball Complex offers programs such as Fundamentals Academy, Skills Academy, Little Dribblers. Kids can purchase a membership, where you can go and use the gym from 3-4:30pm. Through all of the programs, they emphasize developing great habits that you will carry throughout life.

How did Chris Barros start his own youth camp?

Barros ran his first youth camp in Boston as an NBA rookie — “My mom (Stephanie) basically made me do it to give back to the community, and it became a staple and we built it into a business” — and did this every summer, finally springing for his own facility after retiring following his second stint with the Celtics in 2004.

How many AAU coaches does Bob Barros have?

In addition to offering an extensive personal coaching service — Barros has about 20 coaches under his umbrella — the organization’s AAU programs field multiple teams on each level from third grade through 12th. His five-court facility hosts most of the area’s regional AAU tournaments. “Oh, absolutely,” he said when asked about worries.