What is AccuAir E level?

What is AccuAir E level?

e-Level+ is the highly anticipated next generation air suspension controller from Accuair built on the longest running foundation of technology in the industry. Accuair e-Level+ Connect with Touchpad gives you a dedicated controller for your air suspension system.

What is level ride?

The Level Ride Air Suspension System manages the height and pressure for pneumatic or hydraulic suspension, providing the most accurate control in the air suspension market (a rear-only system is also available). Level Ride Air Suspension also includes a sleep mode which will never send your battery flat!

Where is AccuAir made?

manufacturing plant in Merritt Island, Florida is located on a 20-acre campus, including a 60,000 sq. ft. research and development center with test equipment, multiple auto lifts, a video and photography studio, and its own fleet of test vehicles.

What happened ACU air?

With very heavy hearts we must announce that AccuAir Suspension is permanently closed as of today. Although the end is bitter, our role in making aftermarket air suspension grow from niche to mainstream was pretty sweet.

What is E-level+ by accuair?

ACCUAIR e-LEVEL+ AccuAir is excited to announce the release of e-Level+, the next generation of air suspension management system. e-Level+ is built on the foundation of the longest running technology in the industry, now with better performance, more robust hardware, and Bluetooth 5.0 integration.

What is the E-level+ system?

The system is the standard for our Starter, Premium, and Ultimate Packages and is a great way for you to manage your air suspension system. AccuAir’s e-Level+ Connect is 5.0 Bluetooth enabled for a simpler user experience and better performance and reliability. 5.0 Bluetooth allows for long range use and is standard on all systems.

What is accuair’s E+ connect kit?

AccuAir’s e+ Connect kit is going to allow you to have wireless control over your air suspension system through the e+ level app. This kit will include the e+ Connect ECU+, wireless switch box, and the e-level+ app.

What is the accuair ePlus app?

AccuAir’s ePlus app provides wireless control of your e-Level™ Air Suspension System through both Apple iOS and Android devices. The app is available for free download through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.