What is a better word for Lost?

What is a better word for Lost?

What is another word for lost?

missing misplaced
forgotten vanished
out-of-place strayed
gone gone astray
gone missing not present

What’s a word for lost in thought?

indifferent, uninterested, thoughtful, disinterested, unoccupied, existing, observant, disenthralled, bored.

How do you describe mountains?

Words used to describe mountains, hills and slopes and land that is not flat – thesaurus

  • alpine. adjective. relating to high mountains, especially the mountains of the European Alps.
  • craggy. adjective.
  • gentle. adjective.
  • gently. adverb.
  • graded. adjective.
  • gradual. adjective.
  • highland. adjective.
  • hilly. adjective.

What is a word for deep in thought?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for deep thought, like: profound thought, engrossment, contemplation, concentration, reflection, absorption, study, preoccupation and meditation.

Is lost in thought an idiom?

Fully and deeply engrossed in a thought or idea, often to such a degree as to be unaware of or insensitive to the outside world. It’s no use trying to talk to Helen when she’s lost in thought like that; it’s as if we don’t even exist!

What does it mean to get lost in the crowd?

to get lost in the crowd synonym, to get lost in the crowd definition | Thesaurus. Search also in: Web News Encyclopedia Images. 1 disappeared, forfeited, mislaid, misplaced, missed, missing, strayed, vanished, wayward. 2 adrift, astray, at sea, disoriented, off-course, off-track.

What is a synonym for in-crowd?

Synonyms for in-crowd. high society. upper class. upper crust. beau monde. beautiful people. café society.

Do some girls want to get lost in the crowd?

Now, some girls want to get lost in the crowd, to be pretty and no more. After all, we would not want you to get lost in the crowds. He explains all this to Watson before being bid good-night by a familiar-sounding youth, who promptly manages to get lost in the crowd. I just came over to say goodbye before you get lost in the crowd out there.