What happened to Deminski and Doyle?

What happened to Deminski and Doyle?

On December 18, 2007, Mike Novak, the agent for Deminski and Doyle, reported that “officially, Deminski and Doyle has left the station and they will not be back on the air on CBS in Detroit.” All references to Deminski and Doyle have been removed from the WXYT website, including the removal of Bill Doyle’s name as a co …

Who is Jeff deminski?

Jeff Deminski is no stranger to cold winters and high-temp summers. The north Jersey native knows what it takes to stay comfortable in every season. Since getting his broadcast start in 1994, Deminski’s signature take on all things New Jersey has kept 101.5 listeners tuning in every afternoon for seven years.

Where does NJ 101.5 broadcast from?

Trenton, New
WKXW (101.5 FM, “New Jersey 101.5”) is a commercial FM radio station licensed to serve Trenton, New Jersey. It is owned by Townsquare Media….WKXW.

City Trenton, New Jersey
Broadcast area New Jersey
Frequency 101.5 MHz (HD Radio)
Branding New Jersey 101.5

How many listeners does NJ 101.5 have?

The top talk station among listeners is a home-grown one. More than 1-in-4 Garden State talk radio listeners (27%) say their most listened to station is New Jersey 101.5….New Jersey Radio: All Talk, Nearly All the Time.

More than one response accepted, may total more than 100% New Jersey 101.5
Listening Frequency 25%

How many kids does Judi Franco have?

But Malloy is a divorced Catholic, and Franco has four children and eight grandchildren.

What’s the country station in New Jersey?

Thunder 106
Thunder 106 is Jersey’s Best Country Music Radio Station.

Where is Dennis Malloy from?

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Malloy was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Coe College in 1975 and a master’s degree from Iowa State University in 1978.

What NJ radio stations play Christmas music?

(NASDAQ: BBGI) announces Magic 98.3, the home for Today’s Hits & Yesterday’s Favorites, is now Jersey’s Christmas Station! The holiday music officially launched today, November 16th.

What is cat country phone number?

(850) 262-6000

Contact Information
Contests: [email protected]
DMCA Concerns: [email protected]
Mailing address: Cat Country 98.7 WYCT (FM) 7251 Plantation Road Pensacola, FL 32504
Main phone numbers: (850) 262-6000 (phone) (850) 494-0778 (fax)

Is Judi Franco married?

Franco is a native of California who lives in Long Branch with her husband, Mark. She is the mother of four children and has several grandchildren.

What is the SiriusXM channel for Christmas music?

Stream on the SiriusXM app year-round. Listen on Channel 73 from now – December 26 at 3am ET. Hallmark Channel Radio is back for the holidays with timeless Christmas music and carols that celebrate the joy of the season.

What happened to the Christmas radio network?

Unfortunately, Christmas Radio Network is no longer broadcasting. We mix it with Santa Trivia, Fast Facts About Christmas, History of Christmas Carols, celebrity Holiday greetings, great Christmas stories and as much fun as possible!