What does TCB in the song respect mean?

What does TCB in the song respect mean?

The most famous lyrical transformation comes toward the end of the song, when Franklin spells out her message in no uncertain terms: “R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me.” She spells the word out again, appending the ad-lib, “take care, TCB,” with “TCB” her shorthand for “taking care of business.” Then Erma and …

What does the line take care TCB mean?

TCB = “taking care of business” Thus, “take care of TCB” would be an instruction to you (whomever she’s singing to) to get busy with the process of taking care of your business.

Who originally made the song Respect?

Otis Redding

Who wrote respect sung by Aretha Franklin?


What means TCB?

taking care of business
abbreviation. taking care of business; take care of business: With the game clock winding down, our offense was on the field TCB.

What does TCB with lightning bolt mean?

Taking Care of Business in a Flash
TCB w/ Lightning Bolt, Elvis Presley’s Motto/ Logo, Circa 1974, Acronym meaning: Taking Care of Business in a Flash.

Why does Aretha Franklin say take out TCP?

‘ Aretha jumped on it and that was how we did ‘Respect. ‘” In the line, “Take care, TCB” (often misheard as “TCP”), “TCB” means “Taking Care of Business.” Elvis Presley appropriated the phrase a few years later, using it on jewelry and calling his band “The TCB Band.”

What does TCB stand for?

Who wrote My Girl by the Temptations?

Smokey Robinson
Ronnie White
My Girl/Lyricists
So when Smokey Robinson wrote and produced “My Girl” for The Temptations, he scored it big with the boss. “Berry called me to his office because we had a thing in those days whereas if you got a number one record, then you got a thousand-dollar bonus as the producer of that record.

Who first recorded You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman?

Aretha Franklin
Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” is a 1967 single released by American soul singer Aretha Franklin on the Atlantic label. The song was co-written by Carole King and Gerry Goffin, with input from Atlantic producer Jerry Wexler.

What was Elvis’s motto?

Taking Care of Business
Elvis Presley’s motto, “Taking Care of Business,” is the inspiration for these impressive suites featuring a dining area and living room.

What does TCB mean in Aretha Franklin’s song ” Respect “?

What Does TCB Mean In Aretha Franklin’s Song “Respect”? The acronym TCB stands for ‘Taking Care of Business’. The whole sequence for the song was in ad-lib because of which it was often misinterpreted as being ‘TCP’ instead of TCB. The error is even carried in some sheet music.

When did the song Respect by Aretha Franklin come out?

In 1989 the American R&B vocalist Adeva had a #17 hit in the UK with her house version of this song. It was her debut hit and coincidentally her next two releases also peaked at #17. She never achieved a higher chart placing. A Long Island group called The Vagrants released their version of this song shortly before Franklin’s came out.

When did Otis Redding sing respect to Aretha Franklin?

Otis also performed the song at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967; this was a defining performance for the singer, who died in a plane crash six months later. It was Aretha’s idea to cover this song.

When did Aretha Franklin sing Come on Sock it to me?

The line was also used in the song “Come On Sock It To Me” by the soul singer Syl Johnson, also in 1967. This line is often heard as a sexual reference, but Aretha denies this. “There was nothing sexual about that,” she told Rolling Stone in 2014.