What are examples of pinch points?

What are examples of pinch points?

Pinch points commonly impact fingers / hands, but can impact any area of the body. The injury resulting from a pinch point could be as minor as a blister or as severe as amputation or death. Conveyors, gears, loaders, compactors and other moving equipment are examples of machinery with pinch points.

What does pinch point mean?

Pinch points are points in and around machinery where there is a chance of a body part getting caught between a stationary and a moving part of a machine. A pinch point could include getting caught between two moving parts of a machinery or between some material and a moving part of a machinery.

What is a pinch point in manufacturing?

A pinch point is a place where it’s possible for a body part to be caught: 1. Between moving machine parts. 2. Between moving and stationary machine parts.

What is a pinch point OSHA?

“Pinch point” means any point other than the point of operation at which it is possible for a part of the body to be caught between the moving parts of a press or auxiliary equipment, or between moving and stationary parts of a press or auxiliary equipment or between the material and moving part or parts of the press …

How do you avoid pinch point hazard?

Tips for Preventing Pinch Point Injuries

  1. • Never walk away from a machine that is turned on or coasting.
  2. • Discuss and point out pinch point hazards as part of your risk assessment and toolbox meetings.
  3. • Ensure workers use all necessary PPE.
  4. • Keep floors clean and free of debris to help prevent trips and falls.

Is pinch points a hazard?

A pinch point or pinch point hazard is a common class of mechanical hazard where injury or damage may be done by one or more objects moving towards each other, crushing or shearing whatever comes between them. Injuries can range from minor such as blisters to severe like amputations and fatalities.

How do you control pinch point?

What is a pinch point in romance writing?

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What is a crush point?

A crush point is formed when two objects are moving toward each other, or when one object is moving toward a stationary object, and the gap between the two is decreasing. A common example of a crush point is the point where an implement is attached to a tractor’s drawbar.

Is pinch point hazard?

What is a pinch point test?

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Are there any detachable pinch point safety labels?

Detachable arrow labels show exactly the point of danger. Pinch Point Stickers are sure to save workers from accidents and injury. • Click on the design for Nip and Pinch Point Safety Label that best fits your machine. Each design is available in a wide variety of sizes and materials.

How to choose the best nip and pinch point labels?

• Click on the design for Nip and Pinch Point Safety Label that best fits your machine. Each design is available in a wide variety of sizes and materials. • Laminated labels offer superior abrasion and chemical resistance (to oils, solvents, etc.). • Order several Pinch Point Stickers and Labels.

Where do you find a pinch point sticker?

Pinch points are the result of two or more rotating parts moving together with at least one part moving in a circle and are often found on jobsites, production floors, and workplaces. To ensure limbs don’t get caught in between, identify all pinch points with Pinch Point Stickers.

Is it dangerous to use a pinch point?

Pinch / Nip Point Labels Moving machine parts can be very dangerous if not treated with the proper care. Pinch points are notorious for causing injuries and loss of fingers, hands, and even lives.