The National Band- Your Best Food Equipment Parts Manufacturers

The National Band- Your Best Food Equipment Parts Manufacturers

If you run a restaurant you need to work on creating an efficient kitchen with all necessary food equipment that your chef needs. You need to design a commercial kitchen for your restaurant to help with a better kitchen workflow. There are many things to consider while designing a kitchen for your restaurant. The equipment you might need comprises a long list. You need to be more careful while installing them. Make sure that they are of good quality and don’t depreciate quickly with regular usage. Their parts can be easily changed as and when required.You can buy Hobart parts for their various types of food equipment at National Band Saw online with same day shipping.

Origin And History-

This company was founded by Jack Frank in 1953, initially, as a Service Company for meat slicing. Jack Frank wanted to provide the best services as he had very good repair experience. Afterward, his son also joined him and started repairing and servicing electric meat saws. In those days the replacement parts were not easily available or they were costly. Therefore, they decided to manufacture these parts on their own. They had to face the challenge of maintaining a high standard of their product with an effective cost. To meet the expenses of large quantity manufacturing they started marking their parts to others.

In 1960, they started manufacturing their own replacement parts and became the largest independent producer and supplier of replacement parts for food equipment. The product line of this company has grown working efficiently with more than 2500 parts for Butcher Boy, Hobart, Globe, etc.

Products Of This Company-

NBS is the best manufacturer and supplier of various products. Their catalog has grown from one page to 185 pages. They have a rich experience and knowledge of each and every product they manufacture. The list goes on like-

  1. Label Printers
  2. Meat Grinders
  3. Meat Slicers
  4. Meat Tenderizers
  5. Mixers
  6. Ovens
  7. Panini Grills

Advantages of using NBS products-

One of the major benefits of using a brand saw is that it reduces wastage. A small Kerf of this brand helps in reducing wastage. This company features narrow blade saws for fine cutting.

  1. This cutting tool is not restricted to a specific type of material. This industry provides a variety of models, used for cutting materials like wood, timber, and meat.
  2. They have amazing features to help you in making straight cuts using miter gauge, rip fence, etc.
  3. Making straight or cross-cuts is not easy with other cutting tools because you need to be more focused and careful.
  4. The result obtained from using NBS tools is better than other tools because they use good quality blades.
  5. Their blades are of top quality with dual bearing blade guide rollers, blade adjustments, and many other latest features resulting in perfect finish.
  6. As mentioned earlier, due to a small kerf, a band saw helps in the reduction of wastage. They feature narrow blade saws.
  7. The wider blades of other tools eat a lot of material leading to a big amount of wastage.

Hence, NBS products are the best for your food equipment parts.