Site Architecture and URL Structure for International SEO

Site Architecture and URL Structure for International SEO

International SEO is very crucial when you want to shine out with your business with global recognition. To expand your business intentionally and to become more and more visible with your brand, it is important to optimize the SEO properly. At the same time, it helps in better ways to offer brand recognition and to deliver a proper conversion with better business. To optimize the SEO on your site, while you create the site, you need to pay much attention to its site architecture and URL structure. Unlike the local site structure and the URL type, the international site needs to check on some more areas. Here is what you need to know about the URL structure and Site architecture for your International SEO:

What is site architecture for international SEO?

The architecture for the international site is more focused on how your website differentiates the domain name or the structure of the URL to go compatible with the alternate version of it in various regions. When it comes to building a site for an international platform, web developers, digital marketers, and SEOs consider evaluating their site structure. It helps in bringing together the regional sites under one umbrella brand. It is mostly used for expansion or to integrate with severe migrations.

What are the benefits of the site architecture for international SEO?

The site architecture for international SEO has a great and positive impact on it. It is dedicated to the worldwide expansion of the website and at the same time helps in targeting better visibility. Here is how it can impact your choice:

  • It lets you determine how you can convey the relevance to any of the particular regions
  • Helps in arranging the technical and the security management for those sites
  • It makes your assessment easier about how consistently Google will interpret as a relevant one.
  • It makes decision-making easier for the marketing campaign resource, which is required for sustaining with each of the sites.

Site structures are designed to help the users and the search engines to find out what they are looking for at the proper time. The development of an international site architecture ensures that the users and search engines can easily find out what they are looking for at the proper locations.

What is the URL structure for international SEO?

Similar to the site architecture, the URL of an international site has a great impact on its functionality and way of working. If you want to figure out how to structure the URL to distinguish between the regions and the languages that you want to target, then the proper URL structure helps you. However, the ideal URL for this is not the same in each situation. Picking the best URL structure can help in localizing a website at a particular place that you want to target for your business.

Which methods are used to structure the International website URL?

For your website URL for international purposes, it needs to have the proper URL structure, which can lead to a better ranking. It usually comes with 5 methods to structure the international website URLs for SEO optimization.

  1. One of the most used ones is the ccTLDs which is also known as the cc Top Level Domains. Here the top-level domain or the TLD works as the suffix to the URL. It works as an extension on end after a particular period.
  2. You can use completely different domains which are unique in looks.
  3. Another very useful method is to use the subdomains for the URLs.
  4. You can use the parameters. It comes as the text strings at the end of an URL after the placement of a question mark.
  5. You can also use the subdirectories for the URL structure. Subdirectories usually divide your website into parts.

For the low overhead cost and to target an extremely wide-reaching domain, the subdirectories come to be the best choice. It comes with its capability to consolidate with the domain authority. It can rightly maximize your Marketing efforts. The ccTLDs, on the other hand, are more focused on the localization of the SEO in a particular country. This structure can be expanded to build other subdirectories.


The Site architecture and the URL structure are an integral part of any of the sites. Especially when it comes to the International site, it needs to have some special attention to its optimization so that you can target better rank with your SEO.