Is internal cable routing better?

Is internal cable routing better?

A fully internally routed cable without housing is the better way to go when it comes to aesthetics. Nevertheless, there is no evidence that internal cable routing demonstrably improves shifting or braking performance compared to externally routed cables.

When should shifting cables be replaced?

Registered. 5000 to 6000 miles is a good time frame to replace the cables. Other wise wait till they brake and either have a good stiff pedal in or nice easy spin, depending on the broken cable.

What are cable routes?

Cable routing is a structure used to protect the cable from mechanical stress and harsh situation such as abrasion which might degrade the insulation. There are different types of cable routing techniques used: Conduits. Trays.

What is your understanding about the cable routing?

Are brake and gear cables the same?

While brake and gear inner cables are nominally similar, the housings are different – brake cables use conventional ‘helical’ housing which consists of a tightly-wrapped helix of steel wire lined on both inside and outside by a plastic coating.

Where are the brake cables on a bike?

On a standard road bike, that means a rear brake cable running along the top tube, and two gear cables along the down tube. (I’m ignoring the front brake, since on the vast majority of bikes it gets near-direct routing.)

Why is cable routing important on a bicycle?

Although people pay a lot of attention to what kind of derailers and brakes are fitted to a particular bicycle, good cable installation practices are more important than most differences between different brake and shift systems. The most expensive brakes and derailers will work poorly if there is excessive friction or play in their control cables.

How can I reduce cable rub on my mountain bike?

Reduce cable rub Finally, apply electrical tape or cable-rub patches to any areas where cables/hoses may rub your frame. Turn the bar from side to side and cycle the suspension up and down to see where the cables/hoses are likely to rub the frame and fork as you ride. Seb’s been riding and racing mountain bikes for half his life.

What’s the problem with bad brake cable routing?

Gear cabling can suck all round, but bad brake cable routing is more of a road issue since hydraulics rule the roost for mountain bikes. While routing hoses can be a pain in the arse, once fitted, hydraulics do have the considerable advantage of not being too fussed about awkward bends.