Is emotion a way of knowing?

Is emotion a way of knowing?

Emotion as a Source of Knowledge /Faith, Intuition, Empathy, Sympathy are all important ways of knowing that are primarily emotional. Decision making, creativity, imagination and appreciation of arts all require use of emotion.

Is faith a reliable way of knowing?

Faith is a new way of knowing in Theory of Knowledge. It does not rely on proof and often clashes with knowledge provided. Therefore, to some it shouldn’t be considered a Way of Knowing (WOK). People argue that faith is an act of trust and an example of knowledge that is not evidence based.

Does all knowledge depend on language?

Language is a system we as humans use to communicate. Another way we gain knowledge is through visuals and the way we experience things. Although this would be a form of individual knowledge, not shared knowledge, it is also a way of of gaining knowledge.

Is language a knowledge?

Language is a medium through which we pass on most knowledge. You could ask yourself how much you would know if you had no language to gather or express knowledge. Through language you can influence and shape thought. You may subconsciously alter the way people speak and think.