Important Checklist before a Hookup Date

We all need a list of things to do for various things. Some people love to have control, so they make a checklist. Checking things off of a list can feel like you’re in control. Some need checklists so they can prepare better for the upcoming events. When going on a hookup date, there are things everybody must follow. That’s why we’ve put up this article; to help you easily navigate the world of hookup dating.

Hookups have existed (probably) since the birth of civilization. Our needs haven’t changed through millennia; hookups are more socially acceptable nowadays than before. And more importantly, they’re easy to find on specialized platforms. When using a dating website for seeking a one-night friend, people aren’t looking for marriage; they want to meet someone quickly. They want a night of fun, not years of dating. And since everyone wants that, dates aren’t rare. However, that doesn’t mean everyone should just let go and show up on dates in terrible condition. Yes, it’s easy to get more hookups. But why wouldn’t you make each of them count?

Hookup Checklist

As we announced earlier, here is a checklist that can come in handy before a hookup. This checklist can also be used as a guideline to help you figure out what you must and mustn’t do.

You’ll see some things on the list are like in any other relationship, yet some appear only when hookup dating.

Hygiene and Grooming are Important

You know very well that smelling bad is a major turn-off. Before going out on a hookup date, take a shower. Be thorough, and don’t skip the hygiene of your private parts. If the date goes well, you’ll share a bed. And smelly parts can stop the magic. Grooming is also mandatory. It means you should be decent, with combed hair and neat nails. Think in advance and do all you can regarding your hygiene. A good hookup requires you to smell nice and be taken care of. First impressions are everything.

Always Have Protection with You

You should usually use protection, but when going on a hookup – be extra safe and prepared. Everybody knows the end result of a hookup date, so having protection means you are confident. Never agree to take things to a new level if you or your date don’t have any contraception. It’s better to postpone things than to regret them just because you couldn’t control yourselves. Waiting for a few hours can also help the desire to grow even more intense. It pays off on so many levels to have protection with you. Always.

Consider Your Limits in Advance

Nobody knows your limits better than you do. Before going on a hookup, you should have a talk with yourself. Think of things you’re comfortable doing and those you aren’t. It’s crucial to know your boundaries and how far you are willing to go on a date. Never do things you are not ready to do. No matter how pushy and convincing the other side may be. You are your own boss and should behave like that.

Familiarize your date with your do’s and don’ts to avoid surprises. Of course, find out their do’s and don’ts. That way, everyone will be respected.

Get Tested for STDs to Stay Healthy

Taking care of your health is one of the most important things in life. When entering a hookup world, you should be even more cautious. Make regular tests for STDs, especially if you hook up more frequently. Some people take their health for granted and do sex without any protection. Some are even worse – they have an STD and knowingly spread it around.

Because of those people, you should test regularly. You can’t trust anybody these days. No one can keep you healthy but you so have regular appointments with your doctor and test yourself.

Have a Backup Plan Just in Case

In case things get out of your hands, it’s mandatory to have a plan B. Ask a friend to call you or text you if you don’t check in with them within an hour on a date. That way, you can have an easy way out if the date isn’t going as planned. A backup plan can help you relax, especially if that’s your first time hooking up. Always let somebody know where the date is being held and with whom. So, you can be on top of everything if things go the other way.

So, it’s clear that the Internet shapes our lives. But it didn’t change what we love. It just made things easier to get. So, it’s not surprising that many nowadays use it to find hookups. Still, remember everything from the checklist above before going on a date.