How To Have A Memorable Halloween

Halloween is a favorite holiday for many people because of all the creative potential involved in dressing up as someone else for one night. If you’re excited about Halloween and want to ensure that this Halloween is especially spooktacular, read for some great tips!

Stand Out With Creativity

If you want to make your Halloween memorable, you’ll need to think outside of the box. Think about how you can create Halloween-themed treats and eats. What can you do that others won’t be doing to celebrate Halloween? Determine some ways to stand out with unique Halloween costumes that are so eye-catching that others can’t help but stop and stare, and make this Halloween memorable.

Create Halloween Playlists

Keep your Halloween party going strong with the right monster mashup playlist. You’ll want to have “monster mash” and soundtracks from scary movies or TV shows! Include a mix of oldies and new songs that are on-point with the holiday. The more festive you can get, the better for keeping up with the spookiness of your Halloween party.

Dress To Impress

Go all out with your Halloween costume. Take your time putting together an epic look that you just know no one else has thought of. See what your friends are going to do and try to create a costume that is better than all of their costumes combined. Take time planning your costume, and feel free to mix costume attire and regular clothing. Throw in some live love nail polish as well for super cool metallic effects. Perfect for witch costumes!

You never know what you might create! Head over to local thrift stores for Halloween costume ideas. There, you can find clothes that you can also include as part of your costume. It really does not need to cost a fortune in order to make great Halloween costumes. You might even look for different types of jeans at these discount stores to create a scarecrow costume!

Take Halloween Photos

An easy way to make your Halloween memorable is to take Halloween photos of the special night! With pictures, you’ll never forget who dressed up as whom and the general Halloween themes at your party or event. You can even put your pictures into a scrapbook or collage after the fact.

Watch Scary Movies

When things start winding down, put on scary Halloween movies to keep the scare and screams going strong! Choose from classics and modern original films all based on Halloween, ghosts, goblins, and other spooky stuff. Keep the lights dim for some extra fright! You might even have a friend pop out of the corner dressed like the antagonist in one of the films as a spooky prank!

Serve Halloween Foods

Make your Halloween foods special by including some Halloween-specific themes in whatever you decide to serve. Put some fake spiders on the pizza, serve gummy worms in dirt for dessert, and include tons of snacks and bloody vampire punch for spooky, tasty Halloween eats!

Go To Haunted Houses

Go to a haunted house with your friends and get scared as you walk together in some dreary house or corn field! Stay in groups in case it’s too scary to go alone! Seriously though, be safe. Halloween is one of the most dangerous nights of the year.

The Bottom Line

Having a memorable Halloween is about the ways you invoke more Halloween spirit into your costumes, foods, and parties with friends! Take photos to keep the memories alive for a lifetime; this way, it will always be a Halloween to remember!