How much percentage is 1st Division?

How much percentage is 1st Division?

Answer: In the percentage system, marks are converted to a percentage which is then assigned to a category of four ranks known as divisions: Distinction, which is 75% and above; 1st Division, which is between 60% and 75%; 2nd Division, which is between 50% and 60%; and 3rd Division, which is between 40% and 50%.

What is the mark for 1st 2nd and 3rd division?

If student gets below 80 but above 60% then he or she is first division. If student gets below 60% but above 45% then it is said to be second division. And finally if student scores less than 45% and above passing marks it is called third division.

What is meant by 1st Division?

: the highest ranking half of a sports league specifically : the five leading baseball teams in each of the major leagues.

What is 1st class Div?

Then division or class will be fixed converting the achieved CGPA to hundred percent numbers. In this regard, 60% or above number is first class/division while less than 60% to 45% second class/division and less than 45% to 33% third class/division.

What grade is a 59%?

Grading Scale

C- 70-72 2.7
D+ 67-69 1.3
D 63-66 1.0
D- 60-62 0.7
F 59 or below 0.0

How many marks are required for 1st Division?

List of grades

Percentage of Marks Division
60 – 100 First
45 – 59.99 Second
33 – 44.99 Third
0 – 32.99 Fail

What is 1st Division Pakistan?

Satisfactory. Divisions. 60% or above First Division. 45% but less than 60% Second Division. 33% but less than 45% Third Division.

What is 1st class GPA?

First class honours. 4.0. 65-69. Upper-second class honours. 3.7.

What can I do with First Division marks in Pakistan?

Answer: Every student who obtain 60 percent or above marks till 100 percent known to conquer first division marks in matric in Pakistan First division students have plenty of options for inclusion in career with respect to the educational purpose. You will be served planet options to include with respect to the Pre medical and pre engineering.

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How many marks needed for 1st Division Pu?

Originally Posted by ADIL KHESHGI. Dear! In annual system, throughout Pakistan, 2nd division starts from 40% marks up to 60% while 1st division starts from 60% onward. So again do your calculation and find out how many more marks you need to qualify for the 1st division.

How many divisions are there in Pakistan proper?

At abolition, there were twenty-six divisions in Pakistan proper – five in Sindh, six in Balochistan, seven in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and eight in Punjab. Abolition did not affect the three divisions of Azad Kashmir, which form the second tier of government.