How much is Easter Show tickets?

How much is Easter Show tickets?

Ticket costs range in price for standard adults, kids, seniors, people with disabilities, group bookings, family bookings, school bookings, RAS members and evening-only visitors. For an adult’s early bird Ticket, the Easter show costs $38. For a standard adult’s ticket, $48, and for an after-four twilight ticket, $32.

When did the Easter show move to Homebush?

In 1998 the Show moved to a new showground at Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush Bay. Always popular are the animal displays and competitions.

How many people were at the Easter Show?

The gates have officially closed, and animals are on their way home, after the Sydney Royal Easter Show successfully welcomed 800,000 people to the event over the 12-days of Show. This included ticket holders, agricultural and commercial exhibitors, staff, volunteers and others working at the Show.

How much does the Easter show make?

Minister Littleproud added “The Sydney Royal Easter Show generates $250 million in economic activity each year, a lot of which flows to agricultural industries and regional and rural communities.

How much is the Easter Show tickets 2021?

The regular ticket price is $43.50 for adults, $27.50 for children and $34 for concession. Tickets for the 2021 Sydney Royal Easter Show are only available online via Ticketmaster. Public transport is NOT included in the ticket and you will need to select the date of attending.

Are Easter Show tickets sold out?

SOLD OUT – Ticket valid for entry from 4pm. Tickets to the 2021 Sydney Royal Easter Show are only available online via Ticketmaster.

Where did the Sydney Easter Show used to be?

The site was at Parramatta Park, 24 km (14.9 mi) west of the town of Sydney. It initially showcased horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, and poultry. In 1869, the event moved from Parramatta to Prince Alfred Park.

How many people attended the Easter Show in 2019?

Numbers at the show were capped at 60,000 people a day — a big cut given 129,000 people passed through the gates on Good Friday in 2019.

Who owns the Easter Show?

Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales
First held in 1823, the Sydney Royal Easter Show, commonly shortened to The Easter Show or The Show, is an annual show held in Sydney, Australia over two weeks around the Easter period….

Sydney Royal Easter Show
Organised by Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales

Is Easter Show cashless?

Is the Sydney Royal Easter Show cashless? Contactless card payment is encouraged at each point of sale.

How old is the Sydney Royal Easter Show?

First held in 1823, the Sydney Royal Easter Show is Australia’s largest annual ticketed event, attracting over 828,000 attendees on average. The Show is a celebration of Australian culture, from our rural traditions to our modern day lifestyles, providing unique experiences for everyone.

Are Easter Show tickets refundable?

Ticket Redemption Unless allowed by law, you are not able to exchange or refund this ticket, or sell or offer for resale for profit. Ticket selling legislation can impose criminal penalties. Further, you may only purchase this ticket as a non-commercial consumer for your non-commercial, personal use.