How long can you use O2 travel?

How long can you use O2 travel?

120 minutes
You can receive up to 120 minutes of calls a day without charge, even if you don’t trigger O2 Travel. If you do trigger O2 Travel, these received calls will come out of your 120 minute allowance. After you’ve used up your 120 minute allowance, any calls you make or receive will be charged at our standard roaming rates.

Can you tether abroad on O2?

You cannot tether if using o2 travel.

Does O2 have roaming charges in Europe?

We cover roaming in our Europe Zone as part of our Tariffs. So your data (subject to a roaming limit), minutes and text allowances will work in our Europe Zone, just like they do at home.

Which countries are included in O2 Europe zone?

48 destinations are included in our Europe Zone: Austria, Azores, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Germany Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania …

What is O2 Travel opt out?

It’s free to sign up and we’ll only charge you for the days you actually use data while you’re away. Alternatively, to opt out of O2 Travel you can text TRAVELOFF to 21300. You’ll then be charged our standard roaming rates for calls, texts and data in your selected destination.

Can you hotspot with unlimited data O2?

Can I use tethering or personal hotspot on O2’s unlimited data plans? Yes. It’s possible to use the tethering or personal hotspot feature on your phone with an O2 unlimited data SIM card inside your phone. However, O2’s terms and conditions restrict this to a maximum of 12 devices.

What is O2 Travel Zone?

With our O2 Travel Inclusive Zone Bolt On, available on selected O2 Refresh and sim only tariffs, you can get inclusive data roaming in 27 international destinations. You’ll get a daily allowance of 120 minutes and 120 texts, and data, when you roam in our O2 Travel Inclusive Zone.

What is O2 travel on my bill?

O2 Travel is a free Bolt On that you can add to your account if you’re on Pay Monthly. You can use it if you’re travelling to O2 Travel destinations – take a look below to see which destinations are covered.

Can I use O2 in America?

O2 have just announced that its adding 27 more destinations that you can use your phone in, without any extra charge. This means that O2 will now let you use your phone to roam in a total of 75 countries all around the globe – including America, Australia and New Zealand.

Can I use my UK data in Europe?

Can I use my mobile in the EU? Yes, you can use your mobile, it’s just that now you might have to pay for roaming. Always check what your phone operator is likely to charge you, before you set off. Some providers offer additional data roaming as part of their contract deals – and not just for the EU.

Is O2 pay monthly and pay as you go Fair Usage Policy?

O2 Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go Consumer Fair Usage Policy. If you are a Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go consumer customer, you have certain usage obligations. Generally speaking these obligations require your use of our services to be for private, personal, and legitimate consumer purposes.

What is the Fair Usage Policy for O2 travel international roaming?

O2 has a fair usage policy for their O2 Travel international roaming service. The fair usage policy depends on whether you’re travelling to another European country or to a country outside of Europe. If you’re travelling to another country within O2’s Europe Zone, it should be on a temporary basis, such as for a holiday or short trip.

How much data do I get with O2 travel inclusive?

You’ll get a daily allowance of 120 minutes and 120 texts, and data, when you roam in our O2 Travel Inclusive Zone. There’s no cap on data, but we’ll manage traffic and may need to slow down speeds depending on usage, and all allowances are subject to our Fair Usage policy.

Can I use pay as you go in O2 travel?

Pay As You Go tariffs are not eligible for O2 Travel in our Inclusive Zone, so standard international roaming rates will apply. Find out more about travelling abroad with Pay As You Go.