How does Osmocote Plus work?

How does Osmocote Plus work?

Osmocote is a controlled-release fertilizer, not a slow-release fertilizer. The reduces the risk of fertilizer burn on sensitive plants. Compared to other controlled-release fertilizers, Osmocote releases the highest amount of nutrients into the soil at cooler temperatures.

What are the ingredients in Osmocote?


Active Ingredient Nitrogen – 15% Phosphate – 9% Potash – 12% Magnesium – 1.3%, Sulfur – 6%, Boron – 0.02%, Copper – 0.05%, Iron – 0.46%, Manganese – 0.06%, Molybdenum – 0.02%, Zinc – 0.05%
Formulation Professional Product
Special Features Patented Nutrient Release Technology
Shipping Weight 50.77 lbs

Can I use Osmocote on all plants?

Feed indoor and outdoor potted plants for up to a full 6 months with Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food Plus Outdoor & Indoor. This is our best formula, and it is fortified with 11 essential nutrients. It works with virtually all plant varieties, in all growing conditions.

Is Osmocote Plus good for trees?

Fannin Tree Farm highly recommends using Osmocote Flower and Vegetable on all your trees twice a year in April and August. It is a pelletized slow-release fertilizer that releases its nutrients over several months. It will not burn plants or trees and only requires two fertilizations per year.

Can you put Osmocote on top of soil?

Topdressing. Topdressing with Osmocote is possible at any time during the plant’s growth cycle. Topdressing means ‘broadcasting’ or ‘spreading’ the granules evently on top of the soil or growing media but without mixing it in.

Can you use too much Osmocote?

Overly rapid growth can cause a cactus to crack or even explode when it takes up too much water. Even though it’s not organic, I experimented with working liberal amounts of Osmocote into my food garden to drive fertility abnormally high. The result was the largest most productive squash plants ever.

Can I use Osmocote Plus on vegetables?

Can Osmocote® be used with edible plants such as vegetables, fruits and citrus? Yes. In fact, Osmocote® Flower & Vegetable Plant Food is formulated for just these purposes. Each granule contains essential plant nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.

Is Osmocote Plus good for tomatoes?

The Right Food for the Right Job For example, the 14-14-14 Osmocote brands tend to work well for tomatoes, vegetables, melons, berries, perennials, trees and shrubs. The Osmocote Plus formula works well with hanging baskets, annual plants, indoor plants, plants in raised beds, etc.

Is Osmocote better than Miracle Grow?

Osmocote is a pre-planting, slow release fertilizer. Miracle-Gro (unless using the new continuous-feed, shake-able formulation) is a water soluble fertilizer used every other week or so. The advantage to the Osmocote is that it is working even if you’re not there.

Can Osmocote Plus be used on vegetables?

Which is better Osmocote or Miracle Gro?

They both work. The advantage to the Osmocote is that it is working even if you’re not there. Low-nutrient soil would benefit from the pre-plant Osmocote application, whereas rich-in-nutrients soil may not require it with an occasional feed with Miracle-Gro being enough.