How do you write a lead?

How do you write a lead?

Below are some helpful hints to keep in mind.The Five W’s and H. News writing strives to answer The Five W’s and H: that is, Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. Keep It Short. Keep It Simple. Write in Active Voice. Structure Your Lead Properly. Understand the Context. Be Honest. Straight Lead.

Is lead led past tense?

The past tense and participle forms of lead is led /led/.

Is lead present or past tense?

“Lead” is the present tense of the verb. When used as a verb, “lead” rhymes with “bead.” As a noun, “lead” rhymes with “bed” when it means a type of metallic element.

What is another word for lead by example?

A simple term for someone who leads by example is a role model.

Which lead or which leads?

2 Answers. You would use “leads” when the subject is singular and “lead” when the subject is plural. Like in these sentences: “This road leads to Rome.”

What does it mean to take the lead?

1 : to take a position that is ahead of others : go first You take the lead and we’ll follow right behind you. 2 : to take the winning position in a race or competition Her car has taken the lead.

Will follow your lead?

follow someone’s lead to do as someone else does; to accept someone’s guidance; to follow someone’s direction. Just follow my lead and you will not get lost.

What is a leading sentence?

Put simply, a lead sentence is a sentence that opens and summarizes an essay, a section of an essay, or a paragraph perfectly.

What is another word for leading to?

What is another word for leading to?producingcatalysingUKturning onbringing into beinghaving as a resultrallyinggalvanisingUKrunninggalvanizingUSanimating230

What does leading up to mean?

1 : to occur in the time that comes before (something) Many voters were still undecided in the days leading up to the election. 2 : to come before and help to cause (something) There was a series of errors leading up to the accident.

Can lead to meaning?

lead on to (lead to something) to begin a process that causes something to happen. There is no doubt that stress can lead to physical illness.

How do you use lead?

So whenever the word is used as a noun, it’s always spelled l-e-a-d. Used as a verb, “lead” (pronounced like greed) means “to guide or direct.” I always try to lead my children by example. Brian A. Klems leads in the voting for Best-Looking Male Grammar Expert.