How do you write a Jane Schaffer essay?

How do you write a Jane Schaffer essay?

It is a writing format for essays. It consists of a minimum of five paragraphs: an introduction (including the thesis statement), body paragraphs (three or more) in chunks, and a conclusion.

When did Jane Schaffer die?


What is a 2 chunk paragraph?

A two chunk paragraph contains a transition word, a topic sentence, a concrete detail, two commentary sentences, another concrete detail, two more commentary sentences, and a concluding sentence.

Is Jane Schaffer alive?

SAN DIEGO (SDJW)Jane Schaffer, a master teacher whose methodology for writing essays is taught in high schools around the country, died of brain cancer early Sunday morning at home. She was 64.

What makes a good concrete detail?

Lean on sensory details. The key senses are sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. You can easily create concrete descriptions by evoking these senses. If you’re writing a short story where the main character drinks a cup of coffee, describe that coffee. Tell your reader about its aroma, its color, its temperature.

What is a CS in an essay?

c.s. – this essay correction symbol simply means you have missed a comma in a sentence. Frag – this essay correction symbol means “sentence fragment”. Your mistake again boils down to the wrong punctuation, particularly comma use, which made the sentence incorrect. Sp – this stands for “spelling”.

What is 3c problem solving?

3C Strips (Concern, Containment, Countermeasure) are visual problem solving trackers that provide a structured approach to resolving issues using the PDCA methodology.

What does 3c store mean?

computer, communications, and consumer electronics

What are 3c products?

“3c” is another way of saying computer, consumer electronics, and communication. The 3c products that we manufacture are typically parts and accessories for common technological devices such as computers, televisions, notebook laptops, and so on.

What products are good for 3c hair?

Best Products For 3C hairDevaCurl Melt Into Moisture Matcha Green Tea Butter Conditioning Mask. This treatment mask is great for extremely dry 3C hair. Kinder Curls Super Curls Styler. Love Beauty & Planet Lavender & Argan Natural Oils Infusion. Dove Curls Defining Mousse. Camille Rose Aloe Whipped Butter Gel.

What are the strategic 3 C of marketing?

This method has you focusing your analysis on the 3C’s or strategic triangle: the customers, the competitors and the corporation. By analyzing these three elements, you will be able to find the key success factor (KSF) and create a viable marketing strategy.

What are the 4 P’s and 2 C’s of marketing?

The 4 Ps are Product, Price, Promotion and Place – the four marketing mix variables under your control. The 3 Cs are: Company, Customers and Competitors – the three semi-fixed environmental factors in your market.

What is 3c in Taiwan?

3C, an abbreviation often used in Taiwan for “computer, communication, and consumer electronics”