How do you write a critical review essay?

How do you write a critical review essay?

Usual Structure of a Critical Reviewpresent the ideas in the original text accurately, ensuring you cover the main question the text attempts to address.discuss the important points, including the evidence the text uses to support the argument, and its conclusion.

How long is a critical summary?

Summarising and paraphrasing for the critical review To summarise means to reduce a text to its main points and its most important ideas. The length of your summary for a critical review should only be about one quarter to one third of the whole critical review.

How do you write a critical summary of evidence?

What is a ‘critical summary’?Based upon what your sources said, provide potential answers to your Key Inquiry Question and Sub-Questions.Mention specific sources by name and outline their strengths and weaknesses.Use correct in-text referencing when providing direct and indirect quotes from sources.

How do you Summarise an argument?

Review the qualities of an effective summary.Cite the author and title of the text.Indicate the main ideas (argument).Use direct quotation of key words, phrases, or sentences.Include references to the text.Avoid summarizing specific examples or data.Report the main ideas as objectively as possible.