How do you unlock the secret characters in the Incredible Hulk?

How do you unlock the secret characters in the Incredible Hulk?

Unlockable Characters

  1. Abomination – Defeat Abomination.
  2. Classic Hulk – Collect 5 comic books.
  3. Gray Hulk – Smash 7500 objects.
  4. Ironclad – Defeat the U-Foes, trick a U-Foe into KOing their team mate, and defeat Abomination.
  5. Maestro – Destroy a building in each neighborhood.
  6. The Professor – Complete all jump challenges.

How do you cheat on Hulk?

Code Input Screen Cheats

  1. Double Health for Enemies: BRNGITN.
  2. Double Health for Hulk: HLTHDSE.
  3. Half Enemies’ HP: MMMYHLP.
  4. High Score reset: NMBTHIH.
  5. Invincibility: GMMSKIN.
  6. Level Select: TRUBLVR.
  7. Regenerator: FLSHWND.
  8. Unlimited Continues: GRNCHTR.

How do you lose the cops in GTA San Andreas?

In GTA San Andreas, driving a train such as the Brown Streak or Freight will allow the player to almost indefinitely withstand police, as trains are indestructible and unstoppable. There is also a police bribe on the railroad tracks in San Fierro, allowing the player to reduce their wanted level.

How do you unlock San Fierro?

To unlock San Fierro, you need to complete The Green Sabre mission for Grove Street Families leader Sweet Johnson. The Green Sabre is a pivotal mission in the game’s storyline and, by the end of it, you’ll find yourself in Whetstone, one of the counties surrounding San Fierro.

Why did GTA get rid of 6 stars?

Having five stars as a max instead of six means that all of the other Wanted levels must have their available windows widened. However, helicopters in GTA 5 still wait until the third star is reached to spawn, and NOOSE agents can begin showing up then as well.

Does GTA 5 have San Fierro?

Once a player installs everything they need and want, they can enjoy San Fierro in GTA 5. It is northwest of the original GTA 5 map, so players can still go back to the old map if they wish to.