How do you recruit diplomats in Medieval 2?

How do you recruit diplomats in Medieval 2?

Best place to recruit diplomats is in settlement with lower then 70% state religion and at least 40 distance from capital, to get maximum possible bonuses in traits. Late game recruit in large city with at least great market(for Exotic Gifts ancillary). Get horse breeder guild in faction(for Swift Steed ancillary).

Does Total War Medieval 2 have cheats?

Total War: Medieval 2 cheats add_population [settlement name] [amount] – adds the specified amount of population to the desired settlement. You can use a negative value to remove pop. add_money [amount] – gives you the desired amount of money. Using a negative value removes money.

How do you cheat in Medieval Total War?

Enter these cheats at the campaign map.

  1. Copper for province: . mefoundsomecu.
  2. Full map: . matteosartori.
  3. Gold for province: . mefoundsomeau.
  4. Have a million Florins: . deadringer.
  5. Iron for province: . viagra.
  6. Play as rebels: . conan.
  7. Silver for province: . mefoundsomeag.
  8. Speed up construction: worksundays.

How do you add traits in Medieval 2?

Start by opening the cheat menu and typing give_trait “Charactername” Traitname Traitlevel for instance give trait “Cecelia” LaxPersonalSecurity 2 and so on. The trait list’s shows the trait name, maximum level for each trait and attribute changes for the maximum level of that trait.

What do priests do in Medieval Total War 2?

The Priest’s main purpose is to convert settlements to their faction’s state religion and denounce Heretics or Witches. The higher the Priest’s Piety skill, the higher the chance of denouncing Heretics and Witches. Catholic priests additionally can become Cardinals or even Pope.

How do you skip turns in Medieval Total War 2?

Before you load up your saved game, go into Single Player, select Early Era Campaign(as an example), and at the bottom of that screen you’ll see a check box for Show AI Moves. Uncheck that. After unchecking it, click the back button, and then load up your saved game. You should no longer see AI movement between turns.

How do you enter cheats in Medieval 2?

The cheat console is summoned by pressing the ~,` button while on the campaign map. If you do not have an english keyboard, the console button is most likely the button under ESC, and left of 1.

What do cardinals do in Medieval 2?

Cardinals have no major changes in their roles and perform the same actions as both a priest and a bishop, unlike priests and bishops however, their presence has a large impact in the conversion of a settlements religion or expelling heresy and are immune to the effects of heretics and can not be converted from your …

How do merchants work in Medieval 2?

The Merchant’s main purpose is to trade resources on the map. Merchants increase settlement trade income. The higher the merchant’s Finance skill, the higher the income from resources. Merchants can remove other faction’s merchants, and in doing so they earn some money and increase their Finance skill.

How do you unlock the Byzantine in Medieval 2?

The Byzantine Empire is a faction in Medieval II: Total War, unlockable after completing the campaign as one of the starting factions.