How do you pronounce amicus briefs?

How do you pronounce amicus briefs?

Today, amicus brief outnumbers amicus curiae brief in print by a 2:1 ratio, and it outnumbers friend-of-the-court brief by a 29:1 ratio. The traditional and predominant pronunciation is /uh-MEE-kuhs KYOOR-ee-I/. But in certain parts of the country, the shortened amicus often takes on the pronunciation /AM-i-kuhs/.

How do you pronounce amici law?

There are two kinds of legal kibbitzers: those who pronounce amicus uh-MEE-kuss and those who pronounce it AM-uh-kuss. Each submits a brief as an outsider, ostensibly not with an interest in the outcome of a case but as a ”friend of the court” — in Latin, amicus curiae.

What does amicus brief mean in English?

amicus brief ​Definitions and Synonyms ​noun. DEFINITIONS1. 1. a document relating to a legal case filed with a court by someone who is not a party to the case. Once an amicus brief is filed with a court, the court can decide whether or not to accept it.

What is meaning of amicus curiae?

friend of the court
Amicus curiae, (Latin: “friend of the court”), one who assists the court by furnishing information or advice regarding questions of law or fact.

Who files amicus curiae?

Amicus briefs are filed by people who typically take the position of one side in a case, in the process supporting a cause that has some bearing on the issues in the case. The groups most likely to file amicus briefs are businesses, academics, government entities, non-profits and trade associations.

What is an example of prima facie?

An example of prima facie is when a wife walks in on her husband with another woman; at first glance, it looks as if he is guilty of something just because of the circumstances. Prima facie is defined as something that has been proven or assumed to be true unless there is evidence presented to the contrary.