How do you make Afarm soup?

How do you make Afarm soup?

Cooking DirectionsBoil the beef and Kanda with the diced onions and stock cubes in a very small quantity of water. When done, add the dry fish and cook for about 5 more minutes.Now add the palm oil, crayfish and pepper. Once it starts boiling, add the afang (okazi) leaves, water leaves and periwinkle.

Is Afang soup healthy?

Afang leaves contain minerals and vitamins, and it helps with constipation since it contains a high level of laxatives. The Afang soup is very filling because the dietary fiber provides the feeling of satiety. It also helps in regulating the level of blood sugar and in the digestive system. Afang contains protein too.

What is the English name for Okazi Leaf?

The afang leaf (okazi leaf) is called Wild Spinach but most of us are familiar with its native name. The Okazi or afang leaf (Gnetum africanum) is a dark green leafy vegetable with a slight bitter taste commonly found in certain regions of Africa, Asia and South America.

What is Atama Leaf?

Atama leaves is the vegetable used in making Abak Atama a soup commonly eaten in the Akwa Ibom and Cross river states of Nigeria. This vegetable is only eaten in this part of Nigeria. Atama leaves are usually shredded very thinly just like you will do for Afang or Ukazi/ Okazi.

What is Atama?

Atama soup is a vegetable and palm nut soup that originates from the Efik People of Cross River State in South South Nigeria. The soup is made from palm kernel; the extract of oil obtained from the palm kernel is what is used to make the soup.

Is Atama leaf bitter?

Fresh atama leaves have a bitter taste.

What is the health benefit of OHA Leaf?

It has about 60 species where its tress has many commercial values. Scholarships have shown that Oha leaf is medicinal that retains its greenish leaves throughout the year. It contains many nutrients such as iron calcium, amino acids, iron, potassium, fibre, vitamin A and C, etc.

What is Atama leaf called in Igbo?

Many locals call it ‘bush apples’, the botanical name of atama leaves is ‘heinsia crinita. ‘ Atama soup is a tasty meal that reminds of traditional Igbo soup.

What is the botanical name of Atama Leaf?

Heinsia crinita

What is EFO Shoko called in English?

Efo Shoko a.k.a Lagos Spinach! Shoko is the Yoruba name for Celosia Argentea, an indigenous plant with leaves high in beta-carotene and folic acid. Efo means vegetable in Yoruba so “Efo Shoko” is basically Celosia Vegetables.

What is EFO called in English?

Waterleaf (Efo Gbure) one very good vegetable with super benefit to mankind….Vegetable Plants.ENGLISH NAMEYORUBA NAMEBOTANICAL NAMEAfrican Egg Plant LeafEfo IgboSolanum Macrocarpon, Family Solanaceae10

What is spinach called in Yoruba?

Efo tete

Is waterleaf called spinach?

Waterleaf is called Gbure in Yoruba, Ebe-dondon in Edo, and in English is nicknamed Philippine spinach, sweetheart, flame flower, Florida spinach etc. The leaves are excellent for diarrhea, liver enlargement, and hepatitis. An infusion of the leaves can be taken as a diuretic.

Is waterleaf same as spinach?

As nouns the difference between waterleaf and spinach is that waterleaf is (botany) any plant of the genus while spinach is a particular edible plant, spinacia oleracea , or its leaves.

Is waterleaf a spinach?

Waterleaf is a vegetable that’s known by many names. Its names include Ceylon spinach, Florida spinach, Surinam Purslane, cariru, and more. Even its scientific name is up for debate. Both Talinum fruticosum and Talinum triangulare are used.

What’s the local name for spinach?


What is another name for spinach?

What is another word for spinach?emeraldberylsagebicechartreusemalachiteverdigrisvertviridiangreenish17

What is spinach leaf called in Nigeria?

For the sake of everyone connected to this column, here are the names of spinach in the three major languages in Nigeria: Efo tete or Amunututu in Yoruba (literally, a cool appetizer to the stomach), Akwukwo nri in Ibo and Ganye alayyafo in Hausa.

Which vegetable is called Green in Nigeria?

Amaranth greens

What is kale leaf called in Nigeria?

I do not think Kale was well known in Nigeria at that time. For even Mrs. Semowo thought it was a rapidly growing weed which, in South-west Nigeria, the Yoruba have nicknamed Ewe Akintola(Akintola’s leaf) or Ewe Awolowo(Awolowo leaf).