How do you do the mob of the dead Easter egg on bo2?

How do you do the mob of the dead Easter egg on bo2?

The Easter Egg Steps:

  1. Get Hell’s Retriever.
  2. Collect the Crystal Skulls.
  3. Take the Blundergat from the Table.
  4. Upgrade the Blundergat using the Acid Gat Kit.
  5. Build the Plane.
  6. Fly the Plane to the Bridge.
  7. Get the Golden Spork.
  8. Fly the Plane to the Bridge.

Can you do mob of the dead Easter egg 2 people?

It is the main Easter egg featured in Mob of the Dead and it is the continuation of the No One Escapes Alive easter egg. It cannot be completed on Easy difficulty, and has to be done with at least two players of whom one is Albert “Weasel” Arlington.

What is the mob of the dead Easter egg song?

Where Are We Going
This Musical Easter Egg is by long time Zombies artists Kevin Sherwood and Malukah. This song is called “Where Are We Going,” and is activated by entering “115” followed by “935” on the Volt Meters are the bottom of the Citadel Tunnels.

Does mob of the Dead need 4 players?

Important: The Easter Egg requires 2-4 players and one you must be weasel.

Is mob of the Dead canon?

The canon ending has been confirmed to be Weasel killing the others, proven by Black Ops 4’s Blood of the Dead.

Can you do Black Ops 2 Easter eggs on local?

Sure is. You just need to not be on Easy.

What is the code for mob of the dead?


How do you get the Hells Redeemer in bo2?

Steps to obtain the Hell’s Redeemer

  1. After obtaining the regular Hell’s Retriever, kill approximately ten to fifteen zombies with the Hell’s Retriever.
  2. Spend at least a round on round 10 or higher using only the Hell’s Retriever on the Golden Gate Bridge, killing at least one zombie with it within that round.

Are there any Easter eggs for mob of the dead?

This page is a collection of all Easter Eggs for the Zombies Map Mob of the Dead . This is the big, secret Easter Egg for the Mob of the Dead Zombie Map. Head over to the Pop Goes the Weasel achievement / trophy page to see the full walkthough. It requires at least two players.

What do you do at the end of mob of the dead?

Fight off the Boss Zombies using the tomahawk for maximum effectiveness. You will then fight against one of your own group – Weasel (the traitor). There will be two messages that pop up at the end of the game. Either killing Weasel or not killing him will conclude the Easter egg, no matter what message at the end.

Where to find Pop Goes Weasel in mob of the dead?

In Mob of the Dead, break the cycle. Pop Goes the Weasel is the big Easter Egg in Mob of the Dead. This page will serve as a step by step walkthrough to obtaining it.

Where to get the Hell’s Retriever in Black Ops 2?

The Hell’s Retriever is a Combat Axe that at least one player must have when attempting this Easter Egg. See Feed the Beast to learn how to obtain it. Short answer: Feed the three hounds around the map (Cell Block, Infirmary, and Docks), then grab the weapon in the Citadel Tunnels. All players in the game can grab it if they want.