How do you cite a TED talk in APA 6th edition?

How do you cite a TED talk in APA 6th edition?

Q. How do I cite a TED talk in APA style?Speaker, A. A. (date). Title of talk [Video file]. Retrieved from Example:Aduaka, N. ( 2007, June). Newton Aduaka: The story of Ezra [Video file]. TED. ( 2008, November 4). Newton Aduaka: The story of Ezra [Video file].

What is a video file on YouTube?

According to Youtube, the best video format is MP4 with H. 264 video codec and AAC audio codec. You get a high-quality video and a small file size. However, Youtube also supports the following formats: MOV, MPEG4, AVI, WMV, MPEG PS, FLV, 3GPP and WebM.

Who is the author of a YouTube video?

The author or creator can be found underneath the video itself on the YouTube page. The video title can also be found directly under the video. The upload date can be found under the video too. The URL can be copied out of the browser address bar.

How do I contact a YouTube Creator?

From the YouTube Help CenterSelect Get Support at the top of any YouTube Help Center article.Click Get Creator support.Choose the category that your issue is about.Select Email Support. You’ll only see this option if you’re eligible.Follow the prompts to email our Creator Support team.

What is YouTube screen name?

This screen name is integral to finding the video on YouTube, so including it in the reference is important. Sometimes, however, the real name of the individual who posted the video is also known. (The capitalization [or lack thereof] in the screen name is in keeping with how it appears online.)

Do YouTubers use their real names?

Jeffree Star, James Charles, and NikkieTutorials are some of the biggest names in beauty. However, the three YouTubers are among many internet stars who don’t actually use their real names online.

How do I change my brand name?

Edit basic informationOn your computer, open a web browser, like Chrome or Safari.Go to Brand Accounts section of your Google Account.Choose the account you want to edit.Tap Edit account info.In the section you want to change, tap Edit . Add, change, or remove the info you want.

How do you name a YouTube video?

The following five tips will help you write the most effective titles possible for your YouTube videos.Conduct Keyword Research. Use The Word “Video” Consider Title Character Counts. Be Descriptive. Learn From Others’ Successes & Failures On YouTube. A Good Example That Could Have Been Even Better.

What are good tags for YouTube?

YouTube Tags Best PracticesMake your first tag your target keyword and order the rest by importance. Use some broad keywords that describe the overarching topic your video falls under as other tags. Use some specific keywords that describe the topics you covered in your video as other tags.

How do YouTube Tags Work 2020?

What is YouTube Video Tags? YouTube video tags are part of the video, where you can write the words and phrases (generally, call it as keywords), which are related to that video. It helps YouTube SEO to find what your videos are about and who is your target audience.

Do tags matter on YouTube?

According to YouTube, tagging is one of the most important ways to rank your video in YouTube search results: Tags help users find your video when they search the site. When users type keywords related to your tags your video will appear in their search results.

How many tags should a YouTube video have?

5-8 tags