How do you become a direct paramedical examiner?

How do you become a direct paramedical examiner?


  1. Obtain your high school diploma or GED. This is a necessity to move forward in your preparation to become a paramedical examiner.
  2. Enroll in a medical terminology course and other related classes.
  3. Gain work experience in the medical field.
  4. Get a driver’s license and a reliable car.

How much do paramedical examiners make?

Mobile Paramedical Examiner Salary

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $84,500 $41
75th Percentile $62,500 $30
Average $47,935 $23
25th Percentile $28,000 $13

What is a paramedical insurance examiner?

A Paramedical Examiner (sometimes called a Mobile Phlebotomist) performs paramedical insurance exams for insurance companies that need to analyze the risk of insuring someone. A paramedical exam will usually include these duties: Interviewing clients, including taking their medical history.

How do I pass a paramedical exam?

Fast for 6-8 hours prior to your exam – Fasting provides the best results, but do not fast if your medical condition requires that you do not. Don’t drink alcohol before your paramedical exam – Don’t drink for at least 48 hours prior to the exam.

How do you become a mobile examiner?

To become a mobile paramedical examiner, you typically need at least a high school diploma or GED certificate and medical training. You may need specialized training in phlebotomy, including CPT-1 certification.

What is a mobile examiner?

A mobile paramedical examiner performs medical history and healthcare screening services, usually on behalf of an insurance company to determine the risks of insuring a potential client. Other responsibilities include sending your assessment information to the insurance company and the samples to a lab for testing.

What is the best course in paramedical?

Top 10 Paramedical Courses

  • B.Sc in Nursing.
  • Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant.
  • M.Sc in Community Health Nursing.
  • M.Sc in Obstetrics & Gynecology Nursing.
  • M.Sc in Psychiatric Nursing.
  • M.Sc in Health Nursing.
  • M.Sc in Pediatric Nursing.
  • MD in Pathology.

How many years is paramedical course?

Paramedical Courses After 12th

Paramedical Courses Duration Fees
Bachelor/BSc in OTT (Operation Theater Technology) 3-5 years INR 4 Lakhs
B.Sc (Respiratory Therapy Technology) 3 years INR 2 Lakhs to 4 Lakhs
B.Sc in Dialysis Therapy 3 years INR 1 Lakhs to 2 Lakhs
BSc Nursing 4 years INR 1 Lakhs to 2 Lakhs

What does an insurance examiner do?

Examiners who work for health insurance companies review health-related claims to see whether the costs are reasonable, given the diagnosis. After they review the claim, they authorize appropriate payment, deny the claim, or refer the claim to an investigator.

What is a paramedical interview?

A paramedical exam (or paramed) is a personal interview with you to collect information about your medical history. The paramed includes a medical history questionnaire, body measurements (height, weight, heart rate, blood pressure, etc), a urine sample, and a blood sample.

What is the means of paramedical?

părə-mĕdĭ-kəl. Of, relating to, or being a person trained to give emergency medical treatment or assist medical professionals.

Which is the largest provider of Paramedical Services?

Today, APPS-Portamedic is the largest provider of paramedical services for the purpose of gathering information to be used in the underwriting of life, disability, and group insurance.

Is there a company called parameddirect in St.Louis?

ParaMedDirect, LLC is a locally owned, small business, capable of providing a more personalized, one-on-one service, to you and your applicants. Providing paramedical exams since 1995.

How old do you have to be to be a direct examiner?

A direct examiner is a senior paramedical examiner, often with 15 years or more of experience. They are selected by the large paramedical providers, as those with impeccable track records of quality and client satisfaction.

How much money do medical examiners make per exam?

If an example medical exam paid $100, an examiner would likely receive around 30%, or $30. To increase your revenue per exam, you need to change your role from an examiner to a medical company. To do this, you will need at least the following 3 things: A willingness and ability to network with other people.