How do I submit a letter of recommendation to a coalition?

How do I submit a letter of recommendation to a coalition?

Request a recommendationGo to Locker > Official Documents.Select Request Recommendation ( In the field provided, type the name or email address of the recommender.Depending on whether the recommender is already a contact, the process varies: Select Continue.Select whether you do or do not waive your rights to view the document.

How do I fill out a coalition activities section?

How to Fill out the Coalition ApplicationFill out your basic biographical information in your profile.Request official documents through the application.Add in your extracurricular activities to your profile.With a 100% complete profile, tackle school-specific application parts.Attach your school-specific essays.

What is the difference between the common and Coalition application?

The Common App activity section allows students to provide up to 10 activities from their high school resume; the Coalition App first asks for your top two and then allows you to provide up to eight. The Common App allows students to integrate with a school’s guidance office using Naviance or eDocs.

Does the common app automatically save?

It is much easier to use a word counter tool (and there is not one in the Common App.) You can save and edit your essay as you go. However, there is no automatic save function. So if you write your essay in the application, and your computer suddenly crashes before you’ve saved, you will have lost your work.