How do I submit a claim to KeyHealth?

How do I submit a claim to KeyHealth?

How to submit a claim

  1. Upload claim.
  2. Email claim. Scan and email your claims to [email protected].
  3. Post claim. You can submit your claim via post by sending it to: KeyHealth, PO Box 14145, Lyttelton, 0140.

Is KeyHealth part of discovery?

KeyHealth Medical Aid – Discover Our Medical Aid. When you are looking for a new medical aid to join, you embark on a voyage of discovery, and you’ll be happy to discover our “no extraneous frills” medical aid, KeyHealth.

Is KeyHealth a medical aid?

KeyHealth is an open medical scheme, offering a comprehensive healthcare product range that caters for the medical aid needs of both individuals and groups. The Scheme provides medical cover to more than 83 000 lives throughout South Africa.

Can I put my girlfriend on my medical aid?

Yes. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is living with you, you will be able to add them as an adult dependant to your medical aid – just as you would if they were your spouse.

How much is KeyHealth Medical aid?

Keyhealth provides cover for approximately 69 000 lives and offers a choice of 6 plan options. Premiums for a single member range from R1 554 to R8 761 and the Gold option is the most popular option. Preventative care benefits and a maternity programme are offered through Health Booster on all options.

How to contact keyhealth services for chronic medication?

Contact Us KeyHealth Services Walk-in Offices Chronic Medication Registration 0800 132 345 (to be used by providers) Fields marked with *are required Name * Email * Subject *

What do medical providers need to know about key health?

Key Health funds patient care and practice growth, earning the trust of thousands of providers across the country. Plus, our patient portal makes it easy to transmit intakes and submit documents. To learn more on our medical funding solutions, connect with our knowledgeable team today. Which Products are you interested in?

Is there a walk in office for keyhealth?

Contact Us KeyHealth Services Walk-in Offices KeyHealth Goes Mobile! As you know, KeyHealth is all about keeping things as simple as possible for our members. Often, keeping things simple requires a smart approach. Our new Mobi Membership Card is an exciting new initiative that utilised the power of technology to simplify your member experience.

How long has key health been in business?

Since 1996, Key Health has proven to be a true leader in the personal injury industry, helping professionals with real solutions that make funding of critical medical care accessible to litigation patients. We have: We have worked closely with Key Health for over 20 years.