How do I stop random scrolling?

How do I stop random scrolling?

How to Disable Windows 10’s “Inactive Window Scrolling” Feature

  1. Head to the new Settings app and click on the Devices section.
  2. Click the Mouse & Touchpad tab.
  3. Switch “Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them” to off.

Why does my scroll wheel go up and down?

Just blow air into the gaps around the scroll wheel a few times. If blowing the air doesn’t work, spin the scroll wheel when you blow air. Keep blowing air with your mouth until the issue is fixed. Blowing air works because, over time, dust starts accumulating around the scroll wheel, causing scrolling issues.

Why is Excel scrolling uncontrollably?

Detach and reattach your wireless mouse dongle and replace the batteries in your mouse. For some reason, in this particular setup, when the wireless mouse is close to dying, you get an uncontrollable scrolling in Excel. Replacing the battery alone does not seem to fix it, nor does rebooting/etc.

What is auto scroll?

An extension that adds the ability to automatically scroll through long pages. With Simple Autoscroll, you simply set how many pixels to scroll at set intervals, press “Go”, and start reading! To stop the scrolling, simply click on the extension icon and the scrolling will cease.

Why is my mouse scrolling so fast?

To change the vertical scroll speed of your mouse: Press Windows key + I to open Settings. Click Devices. If applicable, use the Choose how many lines to scroll each time slider to adjust how quickly or slowly your mouse wheel scrolls.

What is auto scrolling?

What to do if Windows 10 is scrolling by itself?

Restore Windows. If nothing else worked, you can try going back to a System Restore point where your scroll issues weren’t apparent yet. To learn all about restoring your Windows 10 system, you can watch this video by MDTechVideos. We hope that our article helped you troubleshoot Windows 10 scrolling by itself.

Why does my mouse scroll all the time?

Besides, another similar problem also often happens and that is computer mouse scrolling by itself. When the scroll button starts infinite scrolling, you cannot use the mouse properly. But don’t worry and this is mainly caused by the setting issues. You can easily fix the Windows 10 uncontrollable scrolling.

How to stop uncontrollable scrolling on Dell laptop?

Depending of the driver (most Dells use Alps) the touchpad moght be disabled bu plugging in a USB mouse. Just Maybe… Open the Control Panel, then double click on the “Mouse” icon to open the “Mouse” properties window.