How do I get sound from my receiver to my TV?

How do I get sound from my receiver to my TV?

Connect a Coaxial Digital Cable, Optical Digital Cable, or Audio cable to the Audio Output jack on your TV. Connect the other end of the cable to the corresponding jacks on the A/V receiver or home theater system. Depending on your device, the audio input may be labeled TV INPUT or VIDEO INPUT.

How do I get my TV to play sound through my stereo?

The three most common methods to allow the television sound be heard through the speakers of a stereo receiver or home theater system are:

  1. Option 1: HDMI connection using the Audio Return Channel (ARC) feature (Preferred method)
  2. Option 2: Connection using Optical Digital Cable or Coaxial Digital Cable (Digital audio)

Why is my TV not giving out sound?

Check the Speakers setting on the TV. NOTE: If the set-top box is connected using an Audio/Video (A/V) connection, make sure the A/V cables are connected securely to the appropriate video input on the TV. Make sure the TV audio has not been muted. Make sure no headphones are connected to the TV.

How do you enable HDMI sound?

To enable a sound device or set it as default:

  1. Right-click the volume icon in the system tray.
  2. Click “Playback Devices”
  3. Find your HDMI Output device, and either right-click it and select Enable, or open Properties and set “Device Usage” to “Use this device (Enable)”

What do I do if my TV doesn’t have an HDMI ARC?

If the TV has no ARC label on its HDMI ports, connect the HDMI cable to any HDMI ports on the TV and to the HDMI OUT (ARC) on the home theatre system or home audio system. Then connect an optical cable to the optical output port of the TV and the DIGITAL IN (TV) port on the home theatre system or home audio system.

How can I get No TV sound out of my TV?

Print No TV sound is output from the receiver. Check the type and connection of the HDMI cable, optical digital cable, or audio cable that is connected to the receiver and the TV (refer to the supplied Startup Guide).

How do I hear TV sound through the a / V receiver?

The two most common connections used to hear TV sound from the A/V receiver or home theater system speakers are: Which option you use will depend on the connection ports on your products. If your TV and audio system both support the ARC feature, we recommend using Option 1 to connect your products, otherwise use Option 2.

Why does my HDMI receiver not work with my TV?

If the TV is not compatible with Audio Return Channel (ARC), connect the receiver to the TV using an optical digital cable (not supplied) or audio cable (not supplied). There will be no TV sound from the connected speakers when the receiver is connected to an HDMI input jack of a TV that is not compatible with ARC.

Why is my sound not working on my TV?

Disconnect any third-party external devices like cable boxes, satellite receivers, or gaming consoles and perform the troubleshooting steps just with the audio system connected to the TV. Third-party devices may cause the Control for HDMI or BRAVIA Sync function of the TV and the audio device to stop working.