How do I get an API monogram?

How do I get an API monogram?

To obtain and retain an API Monogram license, an Organization must have a documented and functioning quality management system in place that meets both the requirements of API Spec Q1® (Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Manufacturing Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry).

What is the API certification?

API Certified is a classification that identifies the licensed organizations belonging to the petroleum industry, which have passed the quality test and complied to the specifications set by the American Petroleum Institute.

What is API quality?

Quality Certifications API Definitions. The American Petroleum Institute (API) is a trade association that creates standards for the development of petroleum and petrochemical equipment and operation, and offers product, quality, company, and individual certifications to oil and gas industry standards.

Is API monogram mandatory?

API Monogram is a voluntary licensing program that facilitates the consistent manufacturing of product that conforms to applicable API Specifications. Licensed manufacturers are given the authority to apply the API Monogram registered mark to equipment that meets the requirements.

How much does it cost to get API certified?

Qualification of Ultrasonic Testing Examiners – Performance Demonstration Exams

Initial Certification API Member Fee Non-Member Fee
1169 $240 $360
TES $570 $730
571, 577, 580 $205 $260
936 $260 $365

Is higher API oil better?

API gravity of crude oil grades Higher API indicates a lighter (lower density) crude. Lower API indicates a heavier (more dense) crude. Generally, lighter (high API) crudes are more valuable because they yield more high-value light products when run through a refinery.

What is the difference between ISO and API?

API Spec Q1 focuses on a process-and-risk management approach to how businesses need to operate while ISO 9000 focuses on a process management approach. ISO 9000 places less emphasis on risk management and instead concentrates on regulatory filings, training certification, quality reports and formal work instructions.

How do I get an API standard?

Here is how you or your organization can obtain them today:

  1. Publications Bookstore/Catalog: Purchase single-user copies of individual standards and download the API Publications Catalog.
  2. Subscription Service: Gain organization-wide access to API Standards with a subscription on API’s standard subscription service.

What is API 4F?

API updates 4F manufacturing standard for onshore and offshore steel structures. This specification provides requirements and recommendations for the design and construction of steel structures commonly used in natural gas and oil drilling and well servicing operations.

Is the API 1169 test hard?

Q: Is the API 1169 exam difficult? A: It varies by the individual but we would say it is. This is based off of the pass rate of people attempting the exam without proper training or preparation. No matter the experience level, this test will challenge everyone because of its format.

What do you need to know about the API monogram?

The API Monogram is an API registered certification mark. Through the API Monogram Program, licensed manufacturers are given the authority to apply the mark to equipment that meets API product specification requirements and has been manufactured within a quality management system that meets API Spec Q1.

Why is ISO 14001 important for API Monogram program?

Accredited by ANAB, APIQR plays an important role in helping you reduce your environmental impact as well as meet increasingly high customer expectations of corporate responsibility. ISO 14001 can be integrated with ISO 9001 to improve efficiencies and reduce cost.

What do I need to get a monogram certification?

Submit the completed application forms, application fee, and the quality manual (if applicable), and the API Spec Q1, 9th Edition Conformity Matrix and the API Spec Q2 Conformity Matrix. The quality manual must be written in English. API will review the application forms and the quality manual (if applicable).

How often do monograms need to be audited?

Each API monogram license is facility-specific and requires an initial on-site audit by specially-trained API auditors before licensing and every year thereafter. If the facility also holds a management system registration through APIQR, they are audited annually.