How did the Enlightenment influence the French Revolution?

How did the Enlightenment influence the French Revolution?

Impact. The ideas of the Enlightenment played a major role in inspiring the French Revolution, which began in 1789 and emphasized the rights of common men as opposed to the exclusive rights of the elites. As such, they laid the foundation for modern, rational, democratic societies.

How did the Enlightenment influence the French Revolution quizlet?

How did Enlightenment ideas influence supporters of the French Revolution? People liked the ideas that people thought of new forms of government and also ideas such as freedom and pursuit of Hapiness, they wanted to be able to make their own choices and not have the government controlling them.

What did the French Revolution influence?

In this regard, the French Revolution brought such influential themes as constitutionalism, parliamentarianism, individual liberty, legal equality, and the sense of ethnic nationalism. These came to fruition about 1876.

How did the Enlightenment influence Atlantic revolutions?

The Enlightenment idea of Natural Law influenced both the American and French Revolutions. In this theory, law derived from nature and was innately moral. Natural Laws were “self evident,” as stated in the Declaration of Independence and included the concepts of liberty and the dignity of mankind.

What were the most important outcomes of the Atlantic revolutions?

What was the most important outcomes of the Atlantic revolutions, both immediately and in the century that followed? Following the revolutions, the common people began to gain more rights while the aristocracy and kings began to lose power in colonies.

What were the causes of the Atlantic Revolution?

From 1750-1900 the Atlantic Revolutions were more similar because they reacted to the oppression of Absolutists governments and their want for popular sovereignty, their need to free themselves from the mercantilist policies and gain their economic autonomy and inspired by enlightened thinking of freedoms of religion.

What were the goals of the Atlantic revolutions?

An era of revolutions Within 50 years, the European empires in the Americas would shrink and new nations would spread across the whole of the Americas. Revolutionaries were inspired by the ideals of the Enlightenment including individual freedom. But they also rejected the authority of distant aristocratic rulers.

Why is enlightenment important?

What were the most important ideas of the Enlightenment? It was thought during the Enlightenment that human reasoning could discover truths about the world, religion, and politics and could be used to improve the lives of humankind.

Who was the most important person in the Enlightenment?

Key PeopleJohann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750) An enormously influential German composer who rose to prominence in the early 1700s. Francis Bacon (1561–1626) Cesare Beccaria (1738–1794) John Comenius (1592–1670) René Descartes (1596–1650) Denis Diderot (1713–1784) Benjamin Franklin (1706–1790) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749–1832)

What caused the Enlightenment?

Causes. On the surface, the most apparent cause of the Enlightenment was the Thirty Years’ War. This horribly destructive war, which lasted from 16, compelled German writers to pen harsh criticisms regarding the ideas of nationalism and warfare.