How can I check my Articleship details?

How can I check my Articleship details?

A) ICAI Articleship Status Online:

  1. Submit form to Get Status with ICAI in your Inbox.
  2. Check No. of Articled Clerk.
  3. Personal Details in ICAI Records.
  4. ICAI Member Records and Firm Name Search.
  5. ICAI Members Directory – As on Date.

How can I check my Articleship completion letter online?

Members or students can retrieve their documents by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit the official ICAI Reprint Portal: Click Here.
  2. Select the letter required from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the registration number.
  4. Enter the verification text (captcha) and click submit.

What is done in CA Articleship?

The next thing, is the year of your practical training, so in the first year of your articleship you get basic work (which is quite obvious since you’ve just landed in the arena of beasts :p) like vouching, testing journal entries, compiling audit files and documentation, filling ITR forms, visiting tax departments for …

How do I change my Articleship details?

If you logout and login again after executing the Articleship Deed, Go to the Submitted Applications tab and click on the Articleship Deed Form icon. Click on the view button in the Action column. Click on ‘click here’ to edit the application and fill the registration form.

How can I register for Articleship?

Students must fill mandatory forms for CA Articleship Registration. One is the deed of articles in Form 102. Second is Form of particulars for registration Form 103. In addition, those who wish to study any other course alongside, need to submit Form 112.

How can I get Articleship completion certificate?

On completion of Articleship, a CA Student is required to submit Form 108 to ICAI in which he is required to furnish all relevant details pertaining to Articleship. This Form 108 is mandatorily required to be submitted by a CA Student with ICAI on completion of the articleship.