Does vietjet include baggage?

Does vietjet include baggage?

On Vietjet Air Flights, Skyboss ticket is included allowance checked baggage is 30 kgs, but, other tickets (Promo & Eco) are NOT included allowance checked baggage. You can also tag your baggage with your name and contact information so you can find your baggage more easily after your flight.

How much does vietjet charge for checked baggage?

Checking excess baggage, meaning three or more bags per passenger, on Vietjet flights will cost $85-$95 per bag. Overweight and Oversized bags is considered any bag weighing more than 50lbs. The fees for checking overweight baggage on Vietjet are charged in addition to any standard, excess or oversized baggage fees.

How do I add baggage to my vietjet?

You can pre-book Checked baggage service at Website, Booking offices, Agency or at Vietjet Call center. please not that it is always better to purchase your baggage online ; The fee for Checked baggage will be always higher at the airport.

How much is the check in baggage?

Baggage category Fee Max Size (L+W+H)
First checked bag $30 62″
Second checked bag $45 62″
Third checked bag $150+ 62″
Fourth(+) checked bag $200+ 62″

Is Vietjet a budget airline?

The budget carrier, owned by billionaire Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, has joined the list along with Emirati low-cost airline Air Arabia, the U.S.’s Frontier Airlines and JetBlue, as well as Australia’s Jetstar. …

How much does check in baggage cost?

Do you pay baggage fees both ways?

One important thing to remember when flying is that airline baggage fees are charged both ways. So, if your outbound flight charges you $30 for your first standard checked bag, expect to pay another $30 for that same bag on your return flight back home (that’s $60 bucks, roundtrip).

How can I save money on airline baggage fees?

7 Tips to Save on Baggage Fees

  1. Know the fees.
  2. Use the right credit card.
  3. Book first or business class.
  4. Get elite status or fly with someone who has it.
  5. Use a military discount.
  6. Check your bag at the gate.
  7. Pack light.

Is there carry on allowance on Vietjet flights?

Vietjet air, checked baggage and carry on allowance. Vietjet air, checked baggage and carry on allowance. My husband and I are planing to book with a flight with Vietjet air from Hanoi to HCMC. We are just not sure about the luggage. We have 1 carry on ( probably 8 to 10 kg?) and a backpack for each of us.

How big can a handbag be on Vietjet?

all Vietjet air Guests are allowed to carry on board 01 handbag and 01 small handbag with a total weight that must not exceed 07kg (except infant under 2 years old) . 56cm height× 36cm length × 23 cm width. in addition of your carry on baggage you can also carry one of these items and must not exceed the dimensions bellow:

How long does it take to collect baggage from VietJet?

If you do not collect your luggage within two months, Vietjet will dispose of such luggage without incurring any liability to you. Only passengers with the proper baggage tag can collect baggage. Vietjet will only hand over baggage to passengers who can prove their ownership of the baggage.

How big can your hand luggage be on a plane?

– Hand baggage: Passengers (except infants) are allowed a piece of hand baggage on the aircraft. Hand luggage must not be larger than 56cm × 36cm × 23cm and the maximum weight is 7kg. Such baggage must fit under the seat in front of you or in the baggage compartment in the cabin.